Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

Pinnacle Micro warrants and represents that each of its employees, Subcontractors, Vendors or agents assigned to perform any services under the terms of their purchase agreement shall have the skills, training, and background reasonably commensurate with his or her level of performance or responsibility, so as to be able to perform in a competent and professional manner. Pinnacle Micro further warrants that the services provided hereunder will conform to the requirements of the agreed upon purchase agreement.   Pinnacle Micro warranty’s all purchase agreements for 30 days; starting on the date the product was delivered. The purchase agreement is proof of warranty. In the event the end-user customer has a claim against the purchase agreement, they need to email [email protected] requesting a return to the vendor (RTV). The RTV request must be made before the end of the 30 days. Pinnacle Micro, at its sole discretion, will either choose to repair, replace or issue a credit to the customer’s account.