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Listings of Sun Microsystems by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
X5264A (390-0157)X5264A3900157Sun Microsystems Fujitsu MAP3735NC (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320) 540-5456 390-01
X5264A (390-0174)X5264A3900174Sun Microsystems Seagate ST373207LC (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320) 540-5456 390-0
X5264A (390-0175)X5264A3900175Sun Microsystems Fujitsu MAT3073NC (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320) 540-5456 390-01
X5264A-Z (390-0252)X5264AZ3900252Sun Microsystems Fujitsu MAW3073NC (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320), RoHS:Y 540-659
X5264A-Z (390-0265)X5264AZ3900265Sun Microsystems Hitachi HUS103073A (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320), RoHS:Y 540-65
X5288A-Z (371-2002)X5288AZ3712002Sun Microsystems 4GB (2 2GB) Memory FRU, RoHS:Y/ 2GB Registered ECC DDR2-667/PC5
X5707A (594-4521)X5707A5944521Sun Microsystems Sun Blade T6300 Server Module with 0GB Memory (0 2GB) and 1 CPU
X6185A - 2ND DISKX6185A2NDDISKSun Microsystems 80GB IDE 2,nd DiskforBLade150/100 + 2'nd Cable(L54-B16-16C)
X6297A (390-0090)X6297A3900090Sun Microsystems FRU, DDS4 FOR SF V1280 & N1280 390-0090
X6541A (375-0006)X6541A3750006Sun Microsystems PCI Dual Diff Adapter
X6716A (390-0053)X6716A3900053Sun Microsystems Seagate ST318304FC (18.2GB 10000 RPM FC-AL) T3 540-4440 390-0053
X6720A (390-0034)X6720A3900034Sun Microsystems Seagate ST318304FC (18.2GB - 10000 RPM FC-AL) W/ HEAT SHIELD 540
X6730A (501-5202)X6730A5015202Sun Microsystems FC-AL 100MB/S SBUS ADAPTER
X6765B- NX6765BNSun Microsystems SUN 36GB 15K FC (L37-B12-2C)(PK14M1-8C)
X6799A (375-3019)X6799A3753019Sun Microsystems Dual FCAL Adapter
X6805A 595-6469-01X6805A595646901Sun Microsystems SUN 72GB 10K FC disk , 540-5408 (GC10-B17-2CN)(NHH7-40C)
X6805A-Z 594-2287-01X6805AZ594228701Sun Microsystems SUN 72GB 10K FC disk , RoHS 540-6604 (GC10-B20-2CN)
X7023A (501-2654)X7023A5012654Sun Microsystems 1 GB (8 128MB DIMMs)
X7023A *NEW BULKX7023ANEWBULKSun Microsystems SUN 1GB Memory Kit-MIX (PTG8D*6*13-93C)
X7051A-Z (501-7385)X7051AZ5017385Sun Microsystems 2GB Kit (4 x 512MB), RoHS:YL 501-7385
X7057A (540-5245-05)X7057A540524505Sun Microsystems CPU Brd 4x900MHz, 8GB 540-5245-05
X7057A (540-6085)X7057A5406085Sun Microsystems CPU Brd 4x900MHz 540-6085
X7092A (370-4281)X7092A3704281Sun Microsystems 512MB DIMM 370-4281
X7096A (370-4419)X7096A3704419Sun Microsystems 40GB IDE w/ bracket 370-4419
X7260A (371-0865)X7260A3710865Sun Microsystems 4GB (2x2GB) Sun Ultra 40 PC3200 Memory Kit 371-0865
X7261A (371-0866)X7261A3710866Sun Microsystems 2GB of Memory (21GB DIMM), ECC, RoHS:Y for Ultra 40 540-6618/371
X7273A (501-7058)X7273A5017058Sun Microsystems CPU/Memory Board w/2x USIV+ 1.5GHz, 8GB (4x X7051A) 501-7058
X7273A-Z (501-7481)X7273AZ5017481Sun Microsystems CPU/Memory Board w/2 USIV+ 1.5GHz, 8GB (16 512MB DIMMs) Memory
X7299A-Z (371-1460)X7299AZ3711460Sun Microsystems 8GB (2 x 4GB DDR400 DIMM), RoHS:Y
X7302A-Z (501-7481)X7302AZ5017481Sun Microsystems CPU/Memory Board w/2 USIV+ 1.5GHz, 32GB (16 2GB DIMMs) Memory,
X7303A-Z (501-7691)X7303AZ5017691Sun Microsystems CPU/Memory Board w/2 USIV+ 1.8GHz, 32GB (16 2GB DIMMs) Memory,
X7403A (370-4939)X7403A3704939Sun Microsystems Sun 1 GB (2*512MB) Sun Fire Memory Kit 370-4939
X7406A (527-1087-01)X7406A527108701Sun Microsystems X-Option UltraSPARC IIIi 1GHz Processor upgrade kit and heatsink
X7415A (501-6461)X7415A5016461Sun Microsystems Sun 1.062GHz CPU/Memory Module Assembly w/2GB Memory 501-6461/50
X7602A (370-6201)X7602A3706201Sun Microsystems 512MB DDR Memory Option, SPD 1.0 (2 256MB DIMMs) 370-6201
X7603A (370-6202)X7603A3706202Sun Microsystems 1GB DDR Memory Option, SPD 1.0 (2 512MB DIMMs for V440) 370-620
X7603A N (370-6202)X7603AN3706202Sun Microsystems 1GB DDR Memory Option, SPD 1.0 (2 512MB DIMMs for V440)- NIB 37
X7703A (370-7670)X7703A3707670Sun Microsystems 1-Gbyte Memory Expansion Kit (2 x 512-Mbyte) 370-7670
X7703A-4 (371-1116)X7703A43711116Sun Microsystems 1GB DDR Memory Option, (2 512MB DIMMs), RoHS:YL 371-1116
X7704A (370-7671)X7704A3707671Sun Microsystems 2GB DDR Memory Option, SPD 0.0 or 1.0 (2 1GB DIMMs)
X8006A (370-7944)X8006A3707944Sun Microsystems 2GB (2 1GB DDR400/PC3200 ECC DIMM) Option 540-6465/370-7944
X8007A (370-7943)X8007A3707943Sun Microsystems 1GB (2 X 512MB DDR400/PC3200 ECC DIMM) Option for Ultra 20 540-6
X8012A (540-6520)X8012A5406520Sun Microsystems 80GB SATA 7200RPM Disk Assembly for Ultra 20 540-6520
X8022A-Z (371-0072)X8022AZ3710072Sun Microsystems 2GB (2 1GB DDR400/PC3200 ECC DIMM) Option, RoHS:YL 540-6453/371
X8031A-Z (370-7711)X8031AZ3707711Sun Microsystems 2.2GHz CPU, AMD Opteron 248, E4 Stepping
X8046A-Z (371-0856)X8046AZ3710856Sun Microsystems 2.6GHz Dual Core CPU, AMD Opteron 285, E6 Stepping, 95W
X8048A-Z (541-0504)X8048AZ5410504Sun Microsystems Power Supply Filler, RoHS:Y X4100/X4200
X8080A (540-5593)X8080A5405593Sun Microsystems Sun Blade B10n 595-6900/540-5593
X8105A-Z (541-1771)X8105AZ5411771Sun Microsystems 0MB 2.6 GHz AMD Opteron 885 CPU Assembly, RoHS:YL 541-1771
X8121A-Z (371-1097)X8121AZ3711097Sun Microsystems 4 GB (2 2GB DDR1-400 Registered ECC DIMMs), RoHS:YL 594-2686/37
X8123A-Z N (371-4161X8123AZN3714161Sun Microsystems 4 GB (2 X 2GB DDR2-667 Registered ECC DIMMs) Option, RoHS:YL for
X8336A (371-4427)X8336A3714427Sun Microsystems 8GB Registered DDR3-1066 DIMM
X9208A (540-6236)X9208A5406236Sun Microsystems 1GB (2 512MB PC3200 DDR DIMM 370-6791) for W1100z/W2100z 370-67
X9251A (370-6643)X9251A3706643Sun Microsystems 1gb kit ( 2 x 512MB) 370-6643
X9252A (370-6644)X9252A3706644Sun Microsystems 2GB (2 1GB DDR333 DIMM) 370-6644
X9256A (370-6689)X9256A3706689Sun Microsystems Seagate ST373207LC (73.4GB - 10000 RPM Ultra-320) 370-6689.
X9256A (371-1453)X9256A3711453Sun Microsystems Fujitsu MAW3073NC (73GB - 10000 RPM LVD Ultra-320 RoHS:Y
X9296A (540-6428)X9296A5406428Sun Microsystems 2GB (2 1GB DDR400 DIMM) for V20z/V40z 370-7805/540-6428
X9297A-Z (540-6837)X9297AZ5406837Sun Microsystems 4GB (2 x 2GB DDR400 DIMM), RoHS:Y 540-6837/371-1459
XK09-004 6003XK090046003Sun Microsystems 300-1459 TYCO A152 FIRE 6800 POWER SUPPLY
XRA-SS2CF-73G15KXRASS2CF73G15KSun Microsystems New XRASS2CF73G15K Open Box: EMAP 73GB 15000RPM 2.5-Inch SAS Hard Drive w/ Bracket
XTA-3310-DC-KIT -01XTA3310DCKIT01Sun Microsystems Call: 420 Watt DC Power Supply
XTA-3320-CTRL-512MBXTA3320CTRL512MBSun Microsystems 512MB RAID Controller (with battery) 370-7714-02
XTA6140-2GBCTRL-FC 3XTA61402GBCTRLFC3Sun Microsystems RAID Fibre Channel Controller 2GB memory 4 host ports
819-7969-10 -N819796910NSun Microsystems Solaris DVD, Nosale License, Must buyLicense frSUN(HBo22-B15-1C)
911191+ 911192911191911192Sun Microsystems Disk BRACKET for SB15000 (PK11FA-B15-12C)277-50C)
911191 - 911192911191911192Sun Microsystems SUN RAIL KIT L & R RAIL
911192 - 911191 **911192911191Sun Microsystems SUN RAIL KIT L & R RAIL
A28- 750MHZA28750MHZSun Microsystems Sun Blade 1000 2x750Mhz, 4GB, 73GB,DVD(St508-1C)(ST81-4C)
A28-AA (501-4143)A28AA5014143Sun Microsystems Sun Blade 1000
A28-AA (501-5938)A28AA5015938Sun Microsystems BLADE 1000 501-5938
A43-AA (375-3187)A43AA3753187Sun Microsystems Blade 1500 Silver 1.5GHz 375-3187
A90-AA (541-1983)A90AA5411983Sun Microsystems Sun Blade[tm] 6000 Modular System, RoHS:YL
ACW024A-12UACW024A12USun Microsystems Refurbished ACW024A12U 12V DC 2A AC ADAPTER WITH BARREL CONNECTOR FOR 96570
BAE-200-00 (380-0499BAE200003800499Sun Microsystems Sun Ray 100 Network Terminal 600-7418-01/380-0499
C5684-6XXXXC56846XXXXSun Microsystems power sup/ceasar box
CF00511-1152 -01CF00511115201Sun Microsystems Call: 4GB Memory DIMM
CSM200-EU (540-6545)CSM200EU5406545Sun Microsystems CSM200 Expansion
D130 (501-5450)D1305015450Sun Microsystems Netra st D130 - AC Power without Disk
DF3000CX(1103)DF3000CX1103Sun Microsystems SUNPAK DF3000CX DF3000 Digital Flash for Canon(R) DSLR Cameras
DF3000NX(1103)DF3000NX1103Sun Microsystems SUNPAK DF3000NX DF3000 Digital Flash for Nikon(R) DSLR Cameras
DF3000SX(1103)DF3000SX1103Sun Microsystems SUNPAK DF3000SX DF3000 Digital Flash for Sony(R) Alpha DSLR Came
DPS-129AB-3 ADPS129AB3ASun Microsystems 129W NETRA T1 PSU Power Supply
DPS-1500AB ADPS1500ABASun Microsystems 300-1459 TYCO A152 FIRE 6800 POWER SUPPLY
DS550-3-001 RS5DS5503001RS5Sun Microsystems 550W A203 PSU Power Supply
E220R M/BE220RMBSun Microsystems Motherboard Only
E3500 (501-4799)E35005014799Sun Microsystems ENTERPRISE 3500
E420R M/BE420RMBSun Microsystems Motherboard Only
EL820EL820Sun Microsystems 7/14GB ELIANT 820 50P SE SCSI INTERNAL TD
FLEXIPACK DDS3FLEXIPACKDDS3Sun Microsystems SUN Flexipack DDS3 drive(new DRIVE) ( ST277-A3-B45-1C)(GT1S2-1C)
HYM72V64C736T4-H AAHYM72V64C736T4HAASun Microsystems SUN Microsystems ECC Registered 512MB PC133 DIMM Module 370-4281
LRI 2634-1LRI26341Sun Microsystems TECH SOURCE RAPTOR GFX LRI 2634 VIDEO CARD/BOARD, SUN 370-3753
MULTIPACK-SCSI-6 _NMULTIPACKSCSI6NSun Microsystems SUN MultiPack SCSI 6 Disk SLOTs (ST276-B25-6C)
N28-AA (501-6230)N28AA5016230Sun Microsystems Netra 20 Base DC 501-6230
OSA856FAA5BM X8212AOSA856FAA5BMX8212ASun Microsystems 3.0GHz CPU, AMD Opteron 856 E Stepping, RoHS:Y 371-1759
P19510-02-AP1951002ASun Microsystems Call: 6140 SATA to FC Interposer
X8123A-C-Z (371-4161X8123ACZ3714161Sun Microsystems 4GB (2 2GB DDR2-667 Registered ECC single-rank DIMMs) Option, R
370-3678-04370367804Sun Microsystems SUN 18gb FC Disk FW:2054+Bracket (HEM3D-B11-12C) (St81-15C)tam14
370-3678-05370367805Sun Microsystems SUN 18gb FC Disk FW:9954+Bracket (HEM3D-B11-3C) (St81-15C)tam14
380-1262-05380126205Sun Microsystems SUN: STOREDGE SQL700 C2 TAPE LIBRARY, SINGLE MAGAZINE, ULTRIUM L
501-5274-02501527402Sun Microsystems SUN 8 slot Backplane ,E450(PC1A-4C)(GP25A*13*14-8CNmot15)
501-5440-NVRAM-DOA5015440NVRAMDOASun Microsystems SUN E250 Mother board ** Dead NVRAM** (ST287-B15-12C) nvram=525-
501-5440-NVRAM-GOOD5015440NVRAMGOODSun Microsystems SUN E250 Mother board ** GOOD NVRAM+newbattery W365** (ST287-B15
501-7989-02--BIOS 15501798902BIOS15Sun Microsystems Sun systemBoardsBIOS OABLG015 Netra X4200-m2 (287X42-m2-B1N8-2C)
541-0478 (501-7670)54104785017670Sun Microsystems M5000 Motherboard Cage (TMOBO/MBU_B) includes motherboard 501-76
M5000 (541-4360)M50005414360Sun Microsystems Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with Motherboard Cage (MOBO2/M
300-1851-10300185110Sun Microsystems 680 Watt Power Supply, RoHS:YL for V440, REV 10
370-5726-01370572601Sun Microsystems SUN FRONT FAN (92mm) (PTG6A*8/*10-B4-9C/1C)(GP65B27-7C)SB2500
370-5726-01-N370572601NSun Microsystems SUN FRONT FAN (92mm) (286F1-B5-5C/286K1-18C)SB2500
370-5728-02370572802Sun Microsystems SUN Cable KIT ( Blade 2500 Red&silver) (PTG5D*1-9COTP)(277-B17-1
371-2003-01-N371200301NSun Microsystems SUN Original 4GB Memory DIMM (W4-16CN)(C6*2M5/M9B15-4CO)
371-2374 -EXT3712374EXTSun Microsystems Call: Sealed Retail Box Quick Rail Kit for X2100/X4100/X4200
371-3255 -03371325503Sun Microsystems Call: PCI Express 8-Port SAS Controller ROHS:Y
501-5142-20501514220Sun Microsystems SUN I/O BOARD V880 (PTG3-B55-0CON/ FC48x3)>HTF
501-7590-01--BIOS 10501759001BIOS10Sun Microsystems SUN system Board BIOS OABLG010 (PK6X42-2C) Netra X4200-M2
501-7590-01--BIOS 13501759001BIOS13Sun Microsystems SUN system Board BIOS OABLG013 (PK6X42--2C) Netra X4200-M2
501-7590-01--BIOS 15501759001BIOS15Sun Microsystems SUN system Board BIOS OABLG015 (PK6X42--2C) Netra X4200-M2
501-7590-01--BIOS 16501759001BIOS16Sun Microsystems SUN system Board BIOS OABLG016 (PK6X42--2C) Netra X4200-M2
511-1379 -01511137901Sun Microsystems Call: 8GB DDR2-667 2-Rank DIMM Samsung
525-1673-01525167301Sun Microsystems 3 year warranty HTF SUN "NVRAM+New Battery" ** 2 MAC address **
530-23555302355Sun Microsystems Sun iC2 CABLE (GP25A*13*14-7CN)mot15(PC1A-7C)(PC1C-3C)
530-23665302366Sun Microsystems Sun Internal dual SCSI SE Ribbon CABLE (PC1A-6coCN)mot15
5320 HD BRACKET5320HDBRACKETSun Microsystems Bracket Storage Tek 5320
540-6085-01540608501Sun Microsystems Sunfire V1280 SB Board
541-0893 (501-7676)54108935017676Sun Microsystems Motherboard Cage, TMOBO, includes motherboard 501-7676, RoHS:Y f
595-5785-03595578503Sun Microsystems 24X Slimline CD-ROM Drive NIB
599-21345992134Sun Microsystems SUN FLEXIPACK with 2 68-P connector (GP64BREAR)
7064052Sun Microsystems Call: PCI Express 8-Port SAS Controller ROHS:Y
798-0860-01 -N798086001NSun Microsystems solaris 2.6 05/98 (ST286G3-B15-1C) no sale LICENSE
798-2503 -N7982503NSun Microsystems solaris 7 11/99 (ST286G3-B6-1C) no sale LICENSE
BLADE 1600BLADE1600Sun Microsystems SUN BLade 1600 , BASE (PK4A-BAP-2C)
BLADE 1600-#1BLADE16001Sun Microsystems SUN BLade 1600 , BASE (276or80/277-1C))
BLADE 1600-BASEBLADE1600BASESun Microsystems SUN BLade 1600 , BASE (276B2-BAP-1C)
BLADE 2500 1X1.28-REBLADE25001X128RESun Microsystems SUN Blade 2500 Red 1x1.28/4GB/36gb/DVD16X/XVR1200 (GB66-B95-3C)
BLADE2500 2X1.2-REDBLADE25002X12REDSun Microsystems SUN Blade 2500 Red 2x1.28/4GB/36gb/DVD16X/XVR1200 (GB66-B95-4C)
CT1600Sun Microsystems Sun Netra CT1600 Server Base
LPE12000-SUNLPE12000SUNSun Microsystems SUN LightPulse 8GB Single Port Fibre PCI-E
M4000 BASE FOR 2.66M4000BASEFOR266Sun Microsystems SUN M4000 BASE for 2.66Ghz
M4000 CONFIGM4000CONFIGSun Microsystems M4000/ 4x2.66ghz/ 16gb/ 2x146gbhd
QLE8152-CU-SUNQLE8152CUSUNSun Microsystems Dual 10-Gb Ethernet Direct Attach Card 2 brackets
SE6X3G12Z (390-0487)SE6X3G12Z3900487Sun Microsystems Hitachi HUC106030CSS600 300GB - 10000 RPM - SAS Disk
SUN BLADE 100 BASESUNBLADE100BASESun Microsystems Motherboard with 500 MHz CPU, Power Supply & CD-ROM
T5120 8CORE 1.4 BASET51208CORE14BASESun Microsystems T5120, 8CORE, 1.4GHZ BASE
T5220 4 CORE BASET52204COREBASESun Microsystems T5220 4 CORE 1.2GHZ BASE
X4447A-Z PULLX4447AZPULLSun Microsystems Closed Nov 27 & 28. Reopen Dec 1.
X6731A-NOB (370-2303X6731ANOB3702303Sun Microsystems GBIC
1-1021102Sun Microsystems Sun Sun Ray 1-102 / Sun Sunray 1 NEW in Box
371-08373710837Sun Microsystems REPAIR SERVICE FOR CPU FAN/HEATSINK V240, V210
SG-XPCI2FC-EM4SGXPCI2FCEM4Sun Microsystems SUN 4-gigabyte (GB) Dual Channel FC Emulex Host Bus Adapter 3 Y
X4007ASun Microsystems Needs Repair - Sunfire CPU Memory Uniboard, 4 x UltraSparc III 9
X4871A-ZX4871AZSun Microsystems SUN ORACLE Dual 10GbE Fabric Expansion Module NEW FACTORY SEALED
X6180ASun Microsystems 256MB SDRAM DIMM

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