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Listings of Siemens by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
S30861-U551-X-01/01S30861U551X0101Siemens Refurbished S30861U551X0101 Transmit
S30861-U558-X-01/01S30861U558X0101Siemens Refurbished S30861U558X0101 Heater R
S30861-U559-X-01/01S30861U559X0101Siemens Refurbished S30861U559X0101 HEATER L
S30861-U634-X-02/01S30861U634X0201Siemens Refurbished S30861U634X0201 HPAP V2
SFH617A-2SFH617A2Siemens New SFH617A2 .
S30810-Q1329-X101S30810Q1329X101Siemens Refurbished S30810Q1329X101 SILC-C card
817502-646A-001E817502646A001ESiemens Refurbished 817502646A001E ( DCO) Digital Central Office Line GRP Control CLEI EGPQSMH1AD
BCR133WSiemens New
BCRW133WSiemens New TR
MCT6-X019TMCT6X019TSiemens New MCT6X019T 8-Pin dip w/ smd 8 leads fac.reel
PEB2025ISDNSiemens New ISDN Exchange Power
PMB2900H-V34PMB2900HV34Siemens New PMB2900HV34 84 per sealed box
SAB8051A-16NSAB8051A16NSiemens New SAB8051A16N
SAB82538H2.2SAB82538H22Siemens New SAB82538H22 8Mhz
SAB8259ANSiemens New 10 PER
SAB8259APSiemens New
SFH309-5SFH3095Siemens New SFH3095 2K PER REEL
SFH309Siemens New
SFH421-PSFH421PSiemens New SFH421P 2k per original reel 173 partial
SFH482-3SFH4823Siemens New SFH4823
S30817-K7011-C804-2S30817K7011C8042Siemens Refurbished S30817K7011C8042 headset
S30817-S7006-B 101-5S30817S7006B1015Siemens Refurbished S30817S7006B1015 Optiset advance plus
CT-5-A4-A4-20CT5A4A420Siemens Refurbished CT5A4A420 Cat5 Dbl Coupler Jack T568b Ivory
NS9220Siemens Refurbished 30-Pin SIMM 9 CHIP
817501-026817501026Siemens Refurbished 817501026 ( DCO) Digital Central Office Line GRP ACC BOARD
817502-646A817502646ASiemens Refurbished 817502646A ( DCO) Digital Central Office LINE GROUP CONTROL
817503-556A817503556ASiemens Refurbished 817503556A LINE GRP MUX
817503-566A817503566ASiemens Refurbished 817503566A ( DCO) Digital Central Office Line GRP MXR Board
817518-046A817518046ASiemens Refurbished 817518046A ( DCO) Digital Central Office Line CUA Power Supply Board
817667-026A817667026ASiemens Refurbished 817667026A ( DCO) Digital Central Office LINE CUA POWER SUPPLY
S30810-Q1058-X7-4-4S30810Q1058X744Siemens Refurbished S30810Q1058X744 CLEI EGMQABX1AC
S30817-S7006-B108-14S30817S7006B10814Siemens Refurbished S30817S7006B10814
82288-1P822881PSiemens Refurbished 822881P DIP
PE4641U4SN3Siemens Refurbished PC100-322-620 / 32MB x 1 - DIMM 168-pin - SDRAM Memory - 100Mhz / PC1
S30810-Q1018-X4-4-7S30810Q1018X447Siemens Refurbished S30810Q1018X447 CLEI EGMQAGD1AC
S42024-L5219-A100S42024L5219A100Siemens Refurbished S42024L5219A100 SWITCH FABRIC CARD SF160G
S30810-Q932-X1-13-8S30810Q932X1138Siemens Refurbished S30810Q932X1138 CLEI EGMQADA1AG
S30810-Q1341-X1S30810Q1341X1Siemens Refurbished Siemens EWSD T1 SWITCH
s66m2-5ws66m25wSiemens Refurbished 66 SPLIT BLOCK, 50 PAIR, WITH 50 PIN FEMALE AMP ON LEFT & RIGHT
HD5-48HD548Siemens Refurbished HD548 Siemon HD5-48 48-Port Patch Panel 2U
S30817-S7001-B108-8S30817S7001B1088Siemens Refurbished S30817S7001B1088 Siemens Optiset E S30817-S7001-B108-8 / 69667 Black
S30817-S7004-B108-5S30817S7004B1085Siemens Refurbished S30817S7004B1085 Siemens Optiset E S30817-S7004-B108-5 / 69669 Black
SB5830Siemens Refurbished Siemens Speedstream ADSL Business Router
3RB2036Siemens Refurbished Siemens 3RB2036-1UB0 Solid State Class 10 Overload Relay Siemens
SIEMENS AUXILIARY COSIEMENSAUXILIARYCOSiemens Refurbished SIEMENSAUXILIARYCO Siemens Auxiliary Contact Switch Block 3RH1921-1FA22 Siemens Au
GIGASET-A510IPGIGASETA510IPSiemens New GIGASETA510IP S30852-H5530-R301 IP Phone 07/06
GIGASET-C610A-L410GIGASETC610AL410Siemens New GIGASETC610AL410 S30852-H2345-R302 07/06
GIGASET-A510A-2BGIGASETA510A2BSiemens New GIGASETA510A2B L36852-H2222-R301 07/16
GIGASET-A510A-2WGIGASETA510A2WSiemens New GIGASETA510A2W L36852-H2222-R303 07/16
S30810Q2246X10Siemens New S30810Q2246X10 - SLMA CARDS - 24 ANALOG CCTS - HiPath (3 days lead time) 08/22/12 SR
SMO-F551-85SMOF55185Siemens Refurbished SMOF55185 5.25 SCSI 5.2GB Optical Drive
WS-AP3605WSAP3605Siemens Refurbished WSAP3605 Wireless access point - 802.11 a/b/g/n draft

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