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Listings of Netapp by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
108-00242+A010800242A0Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA Hard Drive
E2600Netapp Refurbished 12Bay 3.5 2U E-Series Data Storage System
107-00088+A010700088A0Netapp Refurbished 107-00088+A0 NETAPP 1GB MEMORY MODULE
108-00156+B010800156B0Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15K RPM 4Gbs hot swap FC w/ tray
111-00177+F111100177F1Netapp Refurbished NA-FAS2020 / IBM-N3300 2GB CONTROLLER MODULE W/ BATTERY
0B22171Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15000RPM 4GBPS HARD DRIVE
0B23466Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive NETAPP W/CADDIES
NAF-0702NAF0702Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3140 Storage Controller
X3553-R6X3553R6Netapp Refurbished FAS6210 Motherboard No Memory
106-00071+A010600071A0Netapp Refurbished 106-00071+A0 NETAPP PRO/1000 MT Quad Port Server Adapter
108-0003010800030Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-0005710800057Netapp Refurbished 10800057 NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00074+A010800074A0Netapp Refurbished 10800074A0 300GB FC 10000RPM Hard Drive
108-0008310800083Netapp Refurbished 10800083 NetApp 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
108-00083+A010800083A0Netapp Refurbished 10800083A0 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC w/ tray for DS14 FC
108-00083+A110800083A1Netapp Refurbished 10800083A1 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC w/ tray for DS14 FC
108-00155+A010800155A0Netapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY
108-0015610800156Netapp Refurbished 10800156 300GB Fibbre Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive
108-00180+A510800180A5Netapp Refurbished 10800180A5 NetApp 1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM 3GBPS w/tray FAS2050 Shelf
108-00233+A010800233A0Netapp Refurbished 10800233A0 450GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 3.5-inch SAS HDD
107-0009610700096Netapp Refurbished 8GB DIMM for 6280 and SA620 Systems
107-0011510700115Netapp Refurbished 2GB DIMM System/NVMEM Module
110-0180311001803Netapp Refurbished 11001803 NetApp X3760B F760 Motherboard
110-0208711002087Netapp Refurbished 11002087 II
111-0001811100018Netapp Refurbished 11100018 QLA2352 full height
111-0041511100415Netapp Refurbished 11100415 NetApp FC HBA Host Bus Adapter 4-Port 4GB PCIE R6
111-0178011101780Netapp Refurbished 11101780 111-01780 NETWORK APPLIANCE / FRONT PANEL LED LCD ASSEMBLY F72
112-0211511202115Netapp Refurbished 11202115 Network Appliance TurboQuad 2-Ft Copper Fiber Fibre Channel Cable
114-0002811400028Netapp Refurbished 11400028 FAS6070 FAS6080 Power supply 1100W
82897-038289703Netapp Refurbished ESH2 CONTROLLER MODULE FOR DS14 MK2 SHELF
114-00070+C011400070C0Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS4243 580W Power Supply
117-0000811700008Netapp Refurbished Power Cable
X3188AR5Netapp Refurbished 512MB DIMM for X3145A NVRAM
111-0029711100297Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 cntrlmod filler pnl
17R6348Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
X1937A-R5X1937AR5Netapp New NetApp X1937A-R PAM II 256MB Flash Cache PCI-E Controller 111-00
FAS8040ANetapp Refurbished NETAPPFAS8040 Dual Controller Filer
SP-423A-R5SP423AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 900GB 10K 3.0Gbps SAS Drive
108-0001810800018Netapp Refurbished 72GB 10K LP FC HDD HARD DISK DRIVE
411-0014341100143Netapp Refurbished Front Right Side End Cap Bezel for
111-0040311100403Netapp Refurbished PCI-E RISER CARD 4 SLOT
QLE2562-N-NAPQLE2562NNAPNetapp Refurbished Qlogic NetApp QLE2562-N-NAP 8Gbps Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter 05/04/16 DG
QLE8152-T-NAPQLE8152TNAPNetapp Refurbished Netapp 2-Port Unified Target Cu 10GbE
111-0042111100421Netapp Refurbished Motherboard FAS3160/3170 without
X3205-R6X3205R6Netapp Refurbished DIMM 8GB for 6280 and SA620 S
X447A-R6X447AR6Netapp Refurbished 800GB SSD for DS224xFAS22x0-2
X6558-R5X6558R5Netapp Refurbished 2M SAS CABLE QSFP-QSFP
111-00186+C211100186C2Netapp Refurbished SP-3944-R5 Main System Board Assembly w8GB Memory
FAS3270A-BASE-R6FAS3270ABASER6Netapp Refurbished FAS3270 sngl chas dual cntrl
111-00341+B011100341B0Netapp Refurbished NetApp X2065A-R6 HBA SAS 4-PORT Copper 3/6 GB QSFP PCIe 111-0034
FAS2552ANetapp Refurbished FAS2552 HA Dual Controller Filer
FAS2040CNetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2040C Dual Controller Unit
X1971A-R5X1971AR5Netapp New NetApp X1971A-R5 Flash Cache 512GB PCI-E R5 P/N 111-00708
111-00351+B011100351B0Netapp Refurbished 111-00351+B0 Fas3170 Motherboard with memory
111-00421+B011100421B0Netapp Refurbished Fas3170 Motherboard with memory
108-00221+A010800221A0Netapp Refurbished 10800221A0 600GB SAS 10000RPM Hard Drive 2.5-inch
106-0004910600049Netapp Refurbished NetApp Dual-port Optical Gigabit Etherne
108-0018010800180Netapp Refurbished 1Tb 7.2k SATA HDD for DS14MK2 and DS14MK4
108-0229010802290Netapp Refurbished 108-02290 301W X724A POWER SUPPLY
X8533A-R5X8533AR5Netapp Refurbished Fan-FAS/V62X0FAS/V31X/SA620
DE1600Netapp Refurbished NetApp 12 Bay 3.5 E-Series iSCSI Disk Array
111-00422+B011100422B0Netapp Refurbished FAS3140 CONTROLLER
82059-088205908Netapp Refurbished NETAPP BLANK FILLER DS4253
108-00220+A010800220A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 450GB 10K 2.5 SAS
107-00031+A010700031A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp DIMM ECC 1GB Syst Memry
107-0008410700084Netapp Refurbished DIMM 2GB For 3210 Systems ESS
107-0009410700094Netapp Refurbished 111-00857 Memory/Cache Module
108-00057+A110800057A1Netapp Refurbished 146GBNETAPPHard Drive HDD
108-00156+B110800156B1Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15K 4Gbs hot swap FC w/ tray
108-00156+B210800156B2Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 300GB 15K 3.5 FIBER CHANNEL HARD DRIVE
108-00156+B310800156B3Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15K 4Gbs hot swap FC w/ tray
108-00180+A310800180A3Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 1TB SATA 3.5 HARD DRIVE
108-0022110800221Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 10k 6Gb 2.5 SAS DS2246 HDD
108-0022410800224Netapp Refurbished DS2246 BLANK DISK FILLER
108-0022510800225Netapp Refurbished 600Gb 15k FC HDD for DS14MK2 / DS14MK4
108-00227+A010800227A0Netapp Refurbished 600GB 15K SAS for DS4243
110-0004611000046Netapp Refurbished FAS270 2GB control module
111-0064711100647Netapp Refurbished FAS-V32XX-EXP-R6 Expansion Module
111-0069311100693Netapp Refurbished FAS3240-CNTLR-INT-R6 FAS3240 Controller
114-00087+A011400087A0Netapp Refurbished PSU Power Supply Unit 580W AC HB-PCMO1 DS4243
114-00087+C011400087C0Netapp Refurbished 580W EXN3000/N3220/N3240 PSU Power Supply Unit
110-0006111000061Netapp Refurbished NVRAM6 Adapter Card no memory no
X1049B-R6X1049BR6Netapp New NetApp X1049B-R6 Quad Port Copper GigaBit Ethernet PCI-E Network
64362-04B6436204BNetapp Refurbished 6436204B Xyratex RS-PSU-450-AC1N DS14 MK2 240V 440-Watt Power Supply
111-0069211100692Netapp Refurbished Motherboard NetApp FAS3240 no Memory
108-0008810800088Netapp Refurbished 108-00088 Netapp 500GB SATA 7.2K DS14MK2-AT Disk Drive
441-0000844100008Netapp Refurbished NetApp Hot Swap 6XXX Series Fan Assembly
111-0012711100127Netapp Refurbished NetApp X3148-R5 NVRAM6 2GB R5 Cntrllr
111-0070711100707Netapp Refurbished Flash Cache 256GB PCI-e Module
111-0115511101155Netapp Refurbished NETAPP IOM6 SAS 6GB R6 CONTROLLER MODULE
108-0001610800016Netapp Refurbished X266A 320GB Ata Hard Drive
501-0038350100383Netapp Refurbished 1Gb Compact Flash Boot Card
FAS2240-2FAS22402Netapp Refurbished FAS2240-2 Dual Controller No HDD
FAS3240ANetapp Refurbished FAS3240 Single Chassis Dual Ctrl
FAS3240-CNTLR-INT-R6FAS3240CNTLRINTR6Netapp Refurbished FAS3240-CNTLR-INT-R6 FAS3240 Controller
FAS3220AENetapp Refurbished Dual controller dual chassis with IOXM
NAJ-0801NAJ0801Netapp Refurbished RACKMOUNT STORAGE BAY W/
QLA2342Netapp Refurbished 2-port 2Gbe PCI-X Fibre-Channel FC-AL
V3270Netapp Refurbished V3270 VSERIES FILER HEAD
X1131A-R6X1131AR6Netapp New X1131AR6 NetApp X1130A-R6 2-Port 8Gb PCI-e FCP Target Card
X1960-R6X1960R6Netapp Refurbished Switch NetApp CN1610 16 Port 10GBe
X1970A-R5X1970AR5Netapp Refurbished 256GB Performance Acceleration Module FLASH
X291A-R6X291AR6Netapp Refurbished X291A-R6 Hard Drive 450GB 15K RPM FC
X3195-R5X3195R5Netapp Refurbished DIMM2GBDDR 400FAS3070
X3204-R6X3204R6Netapp Refurbished 4GB DIMM for 6210 and 6240 systems
X3250-R6X3250R6Netapp Refurbished 4GB DIMM Memory Module FAS3250/FAS3270
X3650-R6X3650R6Netapp Refurbished Motherboard w/o memory 3270
112-0007711200077Netapp Refurbished Cluster Cable Set
108-00187+A110800187A1Netapp Refurbished HD 500GB Netapp in Tray
SP-422A-R5SP422AR5Netapp Refurbished 600Gb 10k 6Gb 2.5 SAS HDD
111-0100711101007Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2-Port Unified Target Cu 10GbE
430-00048+C043000048C0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 Network Sotrage Array
107-0003510700035Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DIMM1GBSystem Memory
106-0000710600007Netapp Refurbished PS NetApp / Dell Power Correction 300w
150-0002715000027Netapp Refurbished NetApp PDU 240V 30A L6-30 12xC13 outlets
110-00049+G111000049G1Netapp Refurbished NA-FAS2020 / IBM-N3300 CONTROLLER MODULE W/ BATTERY
110-00049+H411000049H4Netapp Refurbished NA-FAS2020 / IBM-N3300 CONTROLLER MODULE W/ BATTERY
111-0132411101324Netapp Refurbished FAS2554/FAS2552 Controller with memory
111-00199+B111100199B1Netapp Refurbished NVRAM5 w/ Battery 512MB Memory
RA-SCM-1216-1-NARASCM12161NANetapp Refurbished NetApp AT-FCK RA-SCM-1216-1-NA 106-00101+C0 AT-FCX CONTROLLER CA
111-00415+A011100415A0Netapp Refurbished 111-00415+A0 Netapp X2054-R6 QUAD 4Gbps 4-Port Fiber Channel Car
X487A-R5X487AR5Netapp Refurbished Disk Drive600GB 10k 2.5FAS2220
AF500B00438Netapp Refurbished AF500B00438 500 watt power supply for StoreVault
X1160A-R6X1160AR6Netapp Refurbished X1160A-R6 Mezzanine Card 10gbe 2-port
111-00237+E311100237E3Netapp Refurbished Netapp FAS2020 111-00237+E3 Filer Module Controller
X800E-R6X800ER6Netapp Refurbished 5-15P-C13 POWER CORD 6 FT 112-00066
110-00057+D011000057D0Netapp Refurbished REMOTE LAN MODULE RLM
FAS3170Netapp New NET APP 3170 Storage Array Filer System
108-00082+A110800082A1Netapp Refurbished 144gb 10k FC Drive for SD14 MK2
FAS2050A-BASE-R5FAS2050ABASER5Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050A ACT-ACT OS R5 Base
FAS3170Netapp Refurbished NET APP 3170 Storage Array Filer System
FAS3170CNetapp Refurbished FAS3170C Clustered Dual Controller - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
44192-11A4419211ANetapp Refurbished 440W DS14 PSU
271-0002427100024Netapp Refurbished NetApp X1845A-R6 Battery Li- ION
C2100Netapp Refurbished NetApp C2100 Network Appliance C2100 NetCache System Information
430-0004843000048Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 Network Sotrage Array
111-0052411100524Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2040 Motherboard w/Memory
2857-401628574016Netapp Refurbished 2857-4016 NETAPP 450GB 15K LFF SAS HARD DRIVE
45E7975Netapp Refurbished 45E7975 NETAPP 450GB 15K LFF SAS HARD DRIVE
45E7977Netapp Refurbished 45E7977 450GB 15K Low Form Factor Hard Drive
ST3450857SSNetapp Refurbished Cheetah 15K.7 ST3450857SS Hard Drive
108-0023210800232Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15K SAS DS4243
108-00227+A110800227A1Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K SAS DS4243 Disk Drive
X302A-R5X302AR5Netapp New X302A-R5 1TB 7200RPM 3Gb SATA Hard Drive for DS4243 05/23/16 KDr
0095673-10009567310Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 3.5 HARD DRIVE TRAY / CADDY
FAS2020ANetapp Refurbished Netapp FAS2020 w/ Dual Controller and Dual Power
82562-208256220Netapp Refurbished PSU Power Supply Unit 580W AC HB-PCMO1 DS4243
107-0009210700092Netapp Refurbished 4GB DIMM for 6210 and 6240 systems
111-0070911100709Netapp Refurbished Flash Cache 1TB PCI-E Module
111-0098211100982Netapp Refurbished Switch NetApp CN1610 16 Port 10GBe
X6566-05-R6X656605R6Netapp Refurbished 10GbE Copper SFP+ Direct Attach Cable
FAS3240CNetapp Refurbished FAS3240C Dual Cntrlr
94443-059444305Netapp Refurbished 450W HE PSU DS14MK2/4
114-00051+A411400051A4Netapp Refurbished PSU Module 675W 3Y Power Technology YM-2751A
108-0009210800092Netapp Refurbished NetApp Blank Disk Tray FAS2020/2040/2050
332-00006+A033200006A0Netapp Refurbished 2GB Gbic optical adapter
46X0884Netapp Refurbished 600GB SAS 15K 3.5 Hard Disk Drive HDD for DS4243
PLRXPL-SC-S43-42BPLRXPLSCS4342BNetapp Refurbished NetApp 10GB SFP+ Optical Transceiver for
X519A-R6X519AR6Netapp New DS2246PSU W/ FANS 750W
108-0032310800323Netapp Refurbished 200GB SSD SFF for DS2246 FAS2240-2
111-0073411100734Netapp Refurbished TRAY 111-00734+C0 NETAPP 3.5 CADDIE 0942846-11 0095673-10
108-0023410800234Netapp Refurbished NetApp DS4243 DS4246 1TB 7.2K Dsk Drive
FAS3270AENetapp Refurbished FAS3270 Dual Controller 2 IOXM - Joe Lund - 770.817.9089
X1961-R6X1961R6Netapp New 390917-001 - HP Pavilion dv4000 Series Laptop Plastic Bottom Bas
DISK-18GB-10-NF3DISK18GB10NF3Netapp Refurbished DISK18GB10NF3 NetApp 18GB 10000RPM Hard Drive ZCS FC-AL Drive for FC8/FC9
DISK-3610F-NP1DISK3610FNP1Netapp Refurbished DISK3610FNP1 NETAPP/36GB 10000RPM FC-AL HARD DRIVE WITH Canister
DISK-3610G-NP1DISK3610GNP1Netapp Refurbished DISK3610GNP1 NETAPP/36GB 10000RPM Hard Drive BCS DISK F/FC9 WITH Canister
DISK-36GB-10-NF4DISK36GB10NF4Netapp Refurbished DISK36GB10NF4 NetApp 36GB 10000RPM ZCS FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
DISK-7310G-NP1DISK7310GNP1Netapp Refurbished DISK7310GNP1 NetApp 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
DK32EJ-14FCDK32EJ14FCNetapp Refurbished DK32EJ14FC 144GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive FOR DS14
X3148A-R6X3148AR6Netapp Refurbished BATTERY4CELL w/ HolderFAS/V3
DS14Netapp Refurbished Netapp DS14 shelf w/dual PS and LRC modules
DS14MK2 ATDS14MK2ATNetapp Refurbished DS14MK2AT NetApp DS14mk2 AT Disk Tray
DS14MK4Netapp Refurbished DS14MK4 Fibre Fiber Channel DISK SHELF 1/2GB/4GB
111-0020311100203Netapp Refurbished IBM Remote LAN Module
X8535-R6X8535R6Netapp Refurbished Fan Assembly for 32XX Series Filers
111-00485+C111100485C1Netapp Refurbished DS4243 IOM3 Controller module
106-0011010600110Netapp Refurbished NetApp ESH4 DS14MK4 Controller Module
X1837-R6X1837R6Netapp Refurbished Battery Assembly For NVRAM8
X6556-R6X6556R6Netapp New 5M 50/125 2K-MHZ LC-LC MM 112-00090
X6566B-2-R6X6566B2R6Netapp Refurbished SFP+ 2M 10G DATA CABLE 112-00299
FAS6240-CNTRL-INT-R6FAS6240CNTRLINTR6Netapp Refurbished FAS6240 MOTHERBOARD 111-01153
441-0002044100020Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3100 Fan Module
X3941-R5X3941R5Netapp Refurbished NetApp MotherboardNo MemoryFAS3040
X5529A-R6X5529AR6Netapp Refurbished RACK KIT SWIFT 4-POST SQUARE-HOL
X5712ANetapp Refurbished NetApp IOM3 Controller Module X5712A for DS4243 Shelf
X6560-R6X6560R6Netapp New Network App Ethernet 0.5M RJ45 CAT6 Cable
X1949A-R5X1949AR5Netapp Refurbished Copper-fiber converter for 4X IB fiber
271-0001127100011Netapp Refurbished NetApp Controller Battery for FAS2050
X3280-R6X3280R6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DIMM1GBSystem Memory
43569-044356904Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 14 SLOT DISK BACKPLANE
107-00024+A010700024A0Netapp Refurbished NetAPP 107-00024+A0 SP-3178A-R6 1x 2GB DDR 333Mhz PC2700R ECC FA
430-0002243000022Netapp Refurbished FAS30X0 Chassis Assembly w/o PSU Power Supply
441-0002544100025Netapp Refurbished Fan Assembly for 32XX Series Filers
X3245B-R5X3245BR5Netapp Refurbished FAS270 Controller Module 05/23/16 SM
111-00733+B011100733B0Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS4243 POWER SUPPLY BLANK
X425A-R6X425AR6Netapp New X425A-R6 1.2TB 10K 6G 2.5 SAS for DS2246 FAS2240-2
X3544-R6X3544R6Netapp Refurbished Motherboard NetApp FAS3240 no Memory
108-00056+A110800056A1Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 73GB 10K DS14 HDD W/TRAY
F760Netapp Refurbished NetApp F760 Head Unit
FAS250Netapp Refurbished Netapp FAS 250 Filer Controller w/ Battery
FAS 3050cFAS3050cNetapp Refurbished NetApp Network Appliance Filer Head FAS3050C 4GBs DDR RAM
FAS920Netapp Refurbished 2 x FAS920 Filers Clustered
FAS980Netapp Refurbished FAS980 FAS980C ATTACHED STORAGE
X414A-R5X414AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K 6.0Gbps SAS Hard Drive
FC9Netapp Refurbished NetApp FC 9 Disk Shelf
X1028B-R6X1028BR6Netapp New NetApp 111-00163+A1 Dual Port Optical FC Target 4GB PCI-X Host B
X425A-R5X425AR5Netapp New Netapp 1.2TB 10K 2.5in 6G SAS HDD
107-0003410700034Netapp Refurbished DIMM1 512MB ECC Sys Memory FAS2020
108-0020610800206Netapp Refurbished NtApp 450GB 15K SAS FAS2020/2040/2050 HD
111-00569+A011100569A0Netapp Refurbished IOM3 SAS controller for DS4243
106-00045+A010600045A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 106-00045+A0 FTRJ8519P1BNL 2Gbps 850nm SFP Transceivers
108-0002910800029Netapp Refurbished NetApp 108-00029 73GB 3.5 10K RPM Fiber Channel Hard Drive W/ C
111-00692+H711100692H7Netapp Refurbished FAS3240 service processor
111-0070811100708Netapp Refurbished NetApp Flash Cache 512GB PCI-E Module
X438A-R6X438AR6Netapp New 400GB SSD SFF for DS2246 FAS2240-2
110-0012011000120Netapp Refurbished STORAGE CONTROLLER SYSTEM BOARD
111-0038011100380Netapp Refurbished NetApp IO optical 4Gb for 6XXX Module
111-00380+A111100380A1Netapp Refurbished 4GB IO MODULE 8-PORT OPTICAL
111-00422+A011100422A0Netapp Refurbished FAS6240 service processor
111-00524+A411100524A4Netapp Refurbished 111-00524+A4 FAS2040 Controller
111-00524+A611100524A6Netapp Refurbished NetApp Filer Controller FAS2040
111-0059311100593Netapp Refurbished Net App 4-Post Universal Rackmount Kit
111-0069011100690Netapp Refurbished IOM6 SAS 6GB R6 CONTROLLER MODULE
114-00055+A111400055A1Netapp Refurbished 891W AC PSU Power Supply Unit FAS3140/3160/3170
110-0004211000042Netapp Refurbished NetApp Motherboard HighNo MemFAS6070
HUS103014FLF210Netapp Refurbished NetApp HITACHI HUS103014FLF210 147GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Fibre Fiber Channel 40PI
HUS103073FLF210Netapp Refurbished 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive FOR DS14
111-0077911100779Netapp Refurbished 8GB Metrocluster FC HBA PCIe
111-0078511100785Netapp Refurbished FAS6240A CHASSIS NO CNTLR INTERNAL
108-00016+A210800016A2Netapp Refurbished 320GB ATA/133 HDD W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 AT
108-00016+B010800016B0Netapp Refurbished 320GB ATA/133 HDD W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 AT
108-0003110800031Netapp Refurbished NETAPP HDD: 300GB 10K FC-AL 2G DRIVE
10800087Netapp Refurbished 320GB 7200RPM Fiber Channel with tray
108-0015510800155Netapp Refurbished DSK 144GB 15K RPM 4Gb FC
108-0017110800171Netapp Refurbished 144GB 15K SAS/FC HOTSWAP HDD
430-0004943000049Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2020/2040 Chassis w/o PSU Power Supply or controller
FAS3210Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3210 Filer Dual Controller 3x PSU Power Supply
114-00063+A011400063A0Netapp Refurbished FAS3XXX chassis power supply
114-0008711400087Netapp Refurbished DS4243 PSU Power Supply W/FANS 580W AC for DS4246 X518A-R5
SP306AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2TB 7.2K RPM SATA Disk Drive
FAS3250Netapp Refurbished FAS3250 Single Controller with IOXM
111-00203+A011100203A0Netapp Refurbished RLM CARD FROM NSERIES 2864-A20 / G20
404-0007940400079Netapp Refurbished Rail Set LR Netapp DS-14-MK2-FC 14 Bay FC Disk Shelf
111-0048011100480Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2-Port 8Gb PCIe FCP Targt Crd HBA
112-0009011200090Netapp Refurbished NetApp 5 Meter Optical LC/LC Ends
11200176Netapp Refurbished CABLE SAS CNTLR-SHELF/SH-SH0.5M
112-0018811200188Netapp Refurbished NetApp CONTROLLER-SHELF/SWITCH2M Cable
116-0007611600076Netapp Refurbished Netapp 42U Rack
111-0084611100846Netapp Refurbished X3245A-R6 R6 SUB Assembly CONTROLLER
114-0007611400076Netapp Refurbished NetApp 440W Power Supply for DS14 Drv Encl
111-0014611100146Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS6XXX Srs Remote LAN Module
SP-282B-R5SP282BR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA Disk Drive
X411A-R6X411AR6Netapp Refurbished X411A-R6 Disk Drive 450GB 15K SAS ROHS 05/12/16 SM
107-0008510700085Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2GB ECC System Memory FAS2040
108-00156+A010800156A0Netapp Refurbished 300GB 15K 4Gbs hot swap FC w/ tray
X-SFP-H10GB-CU1M-R6XSFPH10GBCU1MR6Netapp New NetApp X-SFP-H10GB-CU1M-R6 10GBase Copper SFP+ 1m Cable
108-0025510800255Netapp Refurbished NetApp 3TB 7.2K SATA DS4243 Disk Drive
11100908Netapp Refurbished NetAppBattery FAS22XX FAS25XX NVMEM
QLE2462Netapp Refurbished NetApp/QLogic 4Gb Dual Fibre Fiber Channel HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) PCIE PCI-Express
QLE2462-WBQLE2462WBNetapp Refurbished Qlogic QLE2462 WB Dual Port 4-Gbps Fibre Channel PCI-E PX2510401-63
QLE2464-P-NAPQLE2464PNAPNetapp New QLE2464PNAP QLE2464-P-NAP NETAPP 4GB Quad Port Fibre Fiber PCI-E
X3199A-R6X3199AR6Netapp Refurbished DIMM2512MBECCFAS2020
R100/R150R100R150Netapp Refurbished R100R150 R100/R150 Storage Shelf drives and sleds are available 250GB /1
110-0005511000055Netapp Refurbished NetApp 110-00055 Riser Card Left and Right Side 110-00059
111-00177+H011100177H0Netapp Refurbished NA-FAS2020 / IBM-N3300 CONTROLLER MODULE W/ BATTERY
271-0002027100020Netapp Refurbished BATTERY ONBOARD 6- CELL 3.7VDC
111-0029211100292Netapp Refurbished Netapp 111-00292 Quad Gigabit Ethernet PCI-E Controller 110-1045
RS-PSU-450-AC2RSPSU450AC2Netapp Refurbished RSPSU450AC2 450W 450-Watts PSU ( Power Supply Unit )
111-00146+D011100146D0Netapp Refurbished Network Appliance Remote LAN Module
X1973A-R6X1973AR6Netapp Refurbished Flash Cache 512GB PCIe Module 2
X5054-R6X5054R6Netapp Refurbished DS2246 DRIVE FILLER 108-00224
0F10939Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
SC200Netapp Refurbished Network Management Console
X561-R5X561R5Netapp Refurbished Net App DS14MK2 AT With AC Power Supply
106-0004510600045Netapp Refurbished 2Gb/s Optical Tranceiver
114-00070+A011400070A0Netapp Refurbished DS4243 580W Power supply
441-0001244100012Netapp Refurbished NetApp Hot Swap FAS30X0/CX300 Fan Assembly
108-00206+A010800206A0Netapp Refurbished 108-00206+A0 450GB SAS 15KRPM 6Gbsp 3.5 inch Hard Drive
108-0022710800227Netapp Refurbished NetApp 600GB 15K SAS DS4243 Disk Drive
111-0048511100485Netapp Refurbished NetApp X5712A-R6 IOM3 3Gb SAS Controller
78624-017862401Netapp Refurbished ESH2 - 2GB CONTROLLER MODULE
SP-1089A-R6SP1089AR6Netapp Refurbished SP1089AR6 NetApp 4GB Dual Fibre Fiber Channel HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) PCIE PCI-Express
SP-232ASP232ANetapp Refurbished SP232A 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive SP-232 for NetApp FC9 shelf
SP-235ASP235ANetapp Refurbished SP235A 72GB 10000RPM Fibre Fiber Channel-AL Hard Drive SP-235 for NetApp DS14 Fibre Fiber Channel Shelf
SP-267A-R5SP267AR5Netapp Refurbished SP267AR5 NetApp 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14Mk2AT
SP-269A-R5SP269AR5Netapp Refurbished SP269AR5 NetApp 1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM 3GBPS w/tray FAS2050 Shelf
SP-272ASP272ANetapp Refurbished SP272A 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive SP-235 for NetApp DS14mk2 Shelf
SP-274ASP274ANetapp Refurbished SP274A NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
SP-274BSP274BNetapp Refurbished SP274B NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
SP-275ASP275ANetapp Refurbished SP275A 146GB Fibre Fiber Channel 15000RPM Hard Drive with Hot-Swap Tray
SP-276A-R5SP276AR5Netapp Refurbished SP276AR5 300GB Fibre Fiber Channel 10000RPM Hard Drive with Hot-Swap Tray
SP-278A-R5SP278AR5Netapp Refurbished SP278AR5 NetApp 144GB 15000RPM Hard Drive for DS14Mk2
SP-279A-R5SP279AR5Netapp Refurbished SP279AR5 pull NetApp 300GB 15000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14mk2 DS14mk4
SP-280B-R5SP280BR5Netapp New SP280BR5 320GB SATA Hard Drive 7200RPM DISK DRIVE FOR FAS2050/SA200
SP-287A-R5SP287AR5Netapp Refurbished SP287AR5 SP-287A-R5 NETAPP 300GB Hard Drive 15000RPM SAS 3.5-inch DP HHD
SP-291A-R5SP291AR5Netapp Refurbished SP291AR5 NetApp 450GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC Disk Drive
SP-298A-R5SP298AR5Netapp Refurbished SP298AR5 NetApp 1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM 3GBPS w/tray FAS2050
SP-411A-R5SP411AR5Netapp Refurbished SP411AR5 450GB 15000RPM SAS Hard Disk Drive
SP-412A-R5SP412AR5Netapp Refurbished SP412AR5 NetApp 600GB 15000RPM SAS Hard Drive
110-0240311002403Netapp Refurbished EMC POWER SUPPLY MW 750W 50/60HZ 48-58V POWER SUPPLY
114-0005811400058Netapp Refurbished NetApp PSU Power Supply w/ fans 580W AC DS4243 R6
DS4243-R5DS4243R5Netapp Refurbished NetAppDS4243-R5 - 4 PSU
ST3146854FCNetapp Refurbished 146GB 15K FC Hard Drive W/ TRAY FOR DS14 MK2 FC
X3199-R6X3199R6Netapp Refurbished 2GB DIMM for FAS3240/20/50
X478A-R5X478AR5Netapp Refurbished 6TB 2 x 3TB Hard Drive with Dual Drive Carrier
X-SFP-H10GB-CU5M-R6XSFPH10GBCU5MR6Netapp Refurbished NetApp X-SFP-H10GB-CU5M-R6 Cisco 10GB 5 METER SFP-H10GB-CU5M
107-0003810700038Netapp Refurbished 2GB DDR MEMORY DIMM
111-0012811100128Netapp Refurbished IOM3 SAS controller for DS4343
114-0005111400051Netapp Refurbished NetApp 675W AC Power Supply w/ Fans
101-0025710100257Netapp Refurbished NetApp CN1610 16-Port Cluster Switch
111-0015511100155Netapp Refurbished Netapp SUB ASSYFC I/O2Gb6XXX
111-0041611100416Netapp Refurbished Quad 4Gb PCI-E HBA Host Bus Adaptor
82562-128256212Netapp Refurbished 82562-12 Power Supply 580Watts 05/16/16 SM
111-0004211100042Netapp Refurbished NETWORK APPLIANCE 111-00042+A2 PCI ADAPTER
111-0034311100343Netapp Refurbished HW Compression NIC Adaptor
106-00201+A010600201A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp 106-00201 NIC 4 PORT Gigabit COPPER GBE PCI-X Network App
111-00403+A011100403A0Netapp Refurbished 4-SLOT PCIE-E RISER CARD
17R6349Netapp Refurbished 17R6349 X276A-R5 Hitachi Ultrastar 10K300 series HUS103030FLF210
332-00279R633200279R6Netapp Refurbished Netapp 10Gb Shortwave SFP+ Optical Swtch
FAS3250AENetapp Refurbished FAS3250 storage system dual chassis dual sp dual IOXM exp mod
X421ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X421A-R5 450GB 10K SAS 6Gb 2.5 Hard Drive for DS2246 She
111-0061711100617Netapp Refurbished NetApp X62XX-EXP-R6 IOXM Expansion
111-0102411101024Netapp Refurbished Expansion Module X62XX-EXP-R6
CN1610Netapp Refurbished 16-Port 10Gb Interconnect Cluster Switch
FAS3240AE-CHASSISFAS3240AECHASSISNetapp Refurbished Chassis Only No Controllers No Drives
FAS6040Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS6040 Chassis 1x FAS6040 MFXTboard Ctrl 1x X3148-R5 N
X3184ANetapp Refurbished NetApp SP-3184A 1GB DIMM - Memory Module - Memory
111-0066011100660Netapp Refurbished 256GB Performance Acceleration Module FLASH
69813-136981313Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS14MK4 ESH4 4GB SFP I/O MODULE
110-0008111000081Netapp Refurbished FAS3020 MOTHER BOARD CONTROLLER
FAS2020CNetapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2020C Filer Head Dual Controllers
DS2246-21.6TB-QS-R5DS2246216TBQSR5Netapp Refurbished DS2246 24x 900GB SAS 10K X423A DS2246-21.6TB-QS-R5 DS2246-21.6TB-EN-R6-C
108-0019710800197Netapp Refurbished NetApp 1TB 7.2K SATA FAS2020 Disk Drive
00V7469Netapp Refurbished NetApp 2TB 3.5 SATA 7.2K 6Gb/s
443-00003+B044300003B0Netapp Refurbished Netapp LCD PANEL ASSEMBLY
S550Netapp Refurbished Storevault Base Filer
C1200Netapp Refurbished NetApp NetCache C1200 Proxy Server with 3 72GB Drives
X6588-R6X6588R6Netapp New 8GB NetApp Finisar 332-00278R6+A0 SFP+ Optical SW Transceiver 33
X3186-R5X3186R5Netapp Refurbished X3186-R5 111-00380+A0 Netapp 4Gb IO Module 8-Port Optical
X1033ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1033A Dual Ported FCP Adapter SP-1033A -
X1089ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 4GB DualFC HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) PCIE PCI-Express
X1089A-R6X1089AR6Netapp New X1089AR6 4GB Dual port PCIE PCI-Express HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
111-00356+A011100356A0Netapp Refurbished NetApp Front Bezel FAS3170
111-00403+A111100403A1Netapp Refurbished NETAPP FAS3140 4 SLOT RISER PCI-e
X2015Netapp Refurbished DUAL CHANNEL HVD SCSI FOR DISK 68-Pin
111-0064011100640Netapp Refurbished Storage Sub ASSYMBOARDIOXMRISERSFAS/
X2030BNetapp Refurbished Fibre Fiber CHANNEL PCI ADAPTER 32 BIT
X2040BNetapp Refurbished Fibre Fiber CHANNEL ADAPTER 64 BIT COPPER
X2053A-R6X2053AR6Netapp Refurbished X2053AR6 NetApp X2053A-R6 HBA Host Bus Adapter 4Gb 2-Port FC Tape Optical PCI-X R6
X2054B-R6X2054BR6Netapp Refurbished X2054BR6 4-PORT Fibre Fiber Channel PCIE PCI-Express 4GB HBA ( Host Bus Adapter ) R6
X2055ANetapp Refurbished Dual Port 4GB PCIEFC HBA ( Host Bus Adapter )
X2055A-R6X2055AR6Netapp Refurbished X2055AR6 NetApp X2055A-R6 HBA Host Bus Adapter 4Gb 2-Port FC Disk Optical PCI-X R6
X221Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 18GB FC-AL Hard Drive
X225Netapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM ZCS FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
X226Netapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM ZCS FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
X226ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM ZCS FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
X231Netapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM BCS FCALA Hard Drive for FC9
X231ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM BCS FCALA Hard Drive for FC9
X232Netapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for FC9
X234Netapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
X234ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
X234BNetapp Refurbished NetApp 36GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
X235Netapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14
X235ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive Disk w Tray for DS14 mw
X236ANetapp Refurbished 144GB 10000RPM FC Fibre Fiber Channel Hard Drive for DS14mk2
X243Netapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive for F87
X261ANetapp Refurbished 250GB 5400RPM Hard Drive ATA for R150
X262BNetapp Refurbished 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14mk2 AT
X262B-R5X262BR5Netapp Refurbished X262BR5 NetApp 250GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14 Mk2AT
X262B-SPX262BSPNetapp Refurbished X262BSP Netapp 250GB SATA Hard Drive 7200RPM
X266ANetapp Refurbished 320GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
X266BNetapp Refurbished 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
X266B-R5X266BR5Netapp 320GB 7200 rpm SATA II Drive New Sealed Box
X266B-R5X266BR5Netapp Refurbished X266BR5 NetApp 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14Mk2AT
X267ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14Mk2AT
X267A-R5X267AR5Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DSK Hard Drive, 500GB, 7200RPM, SATA, A, R5
X268ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 750GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive for DS14 Mk2AT
X268A-R5X268AR5Netapp Refurbished X268AR5 NetApp X268A-R5 750GB 7200 Disk for DS14 MK2 AT - NEW
X269ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X269A-R5 1TB Hard Drive, SATA, 7200RPM, Fiber Fibre Channel (FC).
X269A-R5X269AR5Netapp Refurbished X269A-R5 1TB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Disk Drive
X270ANetapp Refurbished 36GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC-AL for DS14/DS14Mk2
X272ANetapp Refurbished 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC-AL for DS14/DS14 Mk2
X272BNetapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
X273ANetapp Refurbished 72GB 15000RPM Hard Drive FC-AL for DS14/DS14 Mk2
X273BNetapp Refurbished NetApp 72GB 15000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
X273B-R5X273BR5Netapp Refurbished X273BR5 NetApp X273B-R5 72GB 15000RPM Hard Drive Universal Disk DS14 DS14 MK2
X274Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 144GB 10000RPM Fibre Fiber CHANNEL HARD DRIVE
X274ANetapp Refurbished Used NETAPP 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive UNIVERSAL DISK
X274BNetapp Refurbished 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive FC-AL for DS14/DS14 Mk2
X274BR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
X275ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X275A-R5 144GB 15000RPM Hard Drive for DS14 MK2 -
X275A-R5X275AR5Netapp Refurbished X275AR5 NetApp 144GB 15000RPM FC-AL Hard Drive for DS14Mk2
X276Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 10000RPM Hard Drive for DS14/DS14Mk2
X276ANetapp Refurbished NETAPP X276A-R5 300GB 10K Hard Drive DS14MK4 DS14MK2
X276A-R5X276AR5Netapp Refurbished X276AR5 NetApp X276A 300GB Network Appliance Hard Drive DS14DS14 MK2
X278ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 15000RPM Hard Drive for DS14Mk2
X278A-R5X278AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 15000RPM FC Fibre Fiber Channel Hard Drive 4GB Cache (: 05/29/2009)
X279Netapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15000RPM Fibre Fiber Channel Hard Drive for DS14Mk2
X279ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15000RPM Fibre Fiber Channel Hard Drive for DS14Mk2
X279A-R5X279AR5Netapp Refurbished X279A-R5 300GB Hard Drive 15000RPM 108-00156 FC disk drive w/tray Network Appliance 300F
X280B-R5X280BR5Netapp New X280BR5 NetApp X280B-R5 250GB 7200RPM Hard Drive SATA Disk Drive for FAS2050/SA200
X283B-R5X283BR5Netapp Refurbished X283BR5 NetApp X283B-R5 750GB 7200RPM Hard Drive SATA Disk Drive for FAS2020/2050
X286ANetapp Refurbished X286A NetApp 144GB Hard Drive 15000RPM SAS- FC Disk Drive FAS2050 2020
X286A-R5X286AR5Netapp Refurbished X286AR5 NetApp X286A-R5 144GB 15000RPM Hard Drive 3Gbs SAS Disk Drive R5 for FAS20
X287ANetapp Refurbished NetApp 300GB 15K SAS Hard Drive X287A-R5, 108-00166, for NetApp filer
X287A-R5X287AR5Netapp Refurbished X287AR5 NetApp X287A-R5 300GB 15000RPM Hard Drive 3Gbs SAS R5 Disk Drive for FAS200
X289A-R5X289AR5Netapp Refurbished X289AR5 NetApp X289A-R5 450GB 15000RPM SAS Internal Hard Drive for FAS200
X290A-R5X290AR5Netapp Refurbished X290AR5 NetApp X290A-R5 600GB 15000RPM Hard Drive SAS HD for FAS2000 Series
X291ANetapp Refurbished Netapp 450GB Hard Drive 15000RPM FC 4GBPS Drive
X291A-R5X291AR5Netapp Refurbished X291A-R5 NetApp450GB FC Fibre Channel 15K Hard Drive 05/22/16 KDr
X292A-R5X292AR5Netapp Refurbished X292A-R5 600GB FC 15000RPM Hard Drive DS14 MK2 MK4
X294A-R5X294AR5Netapp Refurbished X294AR5 NetApp X294A-R5 2.0TB Hard Drive 7200RPM RPM1.5GbSATA R5 Disk Drive
X298A-R5X298AR5Netapp Refurbished X298AR5 DISK DRIVE 1.0TB 7200RPM Hard Drive SATA with Disk Tray
X299A-R5X299AR5Netapp Refurbished X299AR5 NetApp X299A-R5 2TB Hard Drive 7200RPM PRM SATA R5 Disk Drive
X302A-R5X302AR5Netapp Refurbished X302A-R5 1TB 7200RPM 3Gb SATA Hard Drive for DS4243 05/17/16 KDr
X306A-R5X306AR5Netapp Refurbished X306AR5 2TB 7200RPM 3Gb SATA Hard Drive for the DS4243
X310A-R5X310AR5Netapp Refurbished X310AR5 NetApp X310A-R5 DSK DRV500GBHard Drive 7200RPM 3Gb SATADS4243R5
X3248A-R5X3248AR5Netapp Refurbished X3248AR5 FAS2050MOTHERBOARDWITH MEMR5
X410A-R5X410AR5Netapp Refurbished X410A-R5 DS4243 300GB 15K 3GBPS SAS Hard Drive
X411A-R5X411AR5Netapp New X411A-R5 450GB 15000RPM SAS Hard Drive 05/23/16 KDr
X412A-R5X412AR5Netapp Refurbished X412AR5 NetApp X412A-R5 600GB 15000RPM R5 SAS Disk Drive for DS4243
X431A-R5X431AR5Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 500GB 7.2K SATA S550 Hard Drive
X500Netapp Refurbished DS14 FC-AL 14 Bay Disk Shelf w/2PS
X511ANetapp Refurbished DS14 MK2 110/220VAC PSU Power Supply Unit
X511A-R5X511AR5Netapp Refurbished X511AR5 NetApp X511A AC Power Supply for DS14 MK2 and DS14MK4 SP-511A
X513A-R5X513AR5Netapp Refurbished X513AR5 NetApp X513A-R5 750W AC Power Supply for FAS2020 and FAS2040 05/23/16 KDr
X5506ANetapp Refurbished NET Application ESH Module Optical-Copper
X5511ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X5511A ESH2 Module SFP-SFP DS14/DS14mk2
X5511A-R5X5511AR5Netapp Refurbished X5511AR5 NetAPP ESH2 2GB SFP FC Fibre Fiber Channel Module X5511A-R5
X5526A-R6X5526AR6Netapp New X5526A-R6 4-Post Universal Rackmount Kit
X5526A-R6X5526AR6Netapp Refurbished X5526A-R6 4-Post Universal Rackmount Kit
X6529-R6X6529R6Netapp New NetApp X6529-R6 2Gb Shortwave Optical Adapter with SFP to LC Connector with Rohs compliance
X6529-R6X6529R6Netapp Refurbished NetApp X6529-R6 2Gb Shortwave Optical Adapter with SFP to LC Connector with Rohs compliance
X6530Netapp Refurbished 4.2GB 5400RPM Hard Drive Disk Drive Assembly
X800-42U-R6X80042UR6Netapp Refurbished X80042UR6 Condition: Brand-X800-42U-R6 NetApp Cabinet Component Power
443-0000444300004Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS/V6XXX Srs LCD Panel Assembly
332-00279R6+A133200279R6A1Netapp Refurbished 10Gb 10GbE Ethernet SFP+ 10GBASE-SR Optical Transceiver Short W
AP1241APWSNetapp Refurbished NetApp F825 301W Power Supply
NAF-0901NAF0901Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3240 Storage Controller
430-00019+A043000019A0Netapp Refurbished DS14-MK2 14-SLOT FC DISK SHELF
111-0052511100525Netapp Refurbished PAM II 512GB FLASH CACHE PCI-E CARD
X316A-R6X316AR6Netapp Refurbished Disk Drive6TB 7.2kDS4246FAS
DS14MK2-14X500DS14MK214X500Netapp Refurbished Storage Array 14x500GB with Dual Power Supply
107-0001210700012Netapp Refurbished 1GB MEMORY DIMM
FAS3240AE-IB-BASE-R6FAS3240AEIBBASER6Netapp Refurbished FAS3240 HA System w/ IOXM
111-00238+H311100238H3Netapp Refurbished FAS2050 controller
114-00013+A011400013A0Netapp Refurbished 650 w/ Power supply for FAS30X0 series
114-0005511400055Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3140 850W 891W 220v PSU Power Supply
X3543-R6X3543R6Netapp Refurbished FAS3210 Motherboard w/o Memory
X425A-R6X425AR6Netapp Refurbished X425A-R6 1.2TB 10K 6G 2.5 SAS for DS2246 FAS2240-2
X6594-R6X6594R6Netapp Refurbished SAS CABLE 1M QSFP-QSFP 112-00256
46X0886Netapp Refurbished NETAPP 600GB 15K 3.5 SAS HARD DRIVE
V6030Netapp Refurbished NetApp V6030 V-series Filer
X8533A-R6X8533AR6Netapp Refurbished Fan Assembly for 62XX 31XX and SA620 Filer
QLE-8152-SR-T-NQLE8152SRTNNetapp Refurbished QLogic NetApp QLE8152-SR-T-N 10GBase-X Fcoe PCI Express x8 2-Por
111-00237+D111100237D1Netapp Refurbished FAS2020 CONTROLLER MODULE
X3200A-R6X3200AR6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP Memory DIMM11GBECCSys
SP-268A-R5SP268AR5Netapp Refurbished 750GB 7200RPM FC w/ tray
X5527A-R6X5527AR6Netapp Refurbished Rackmount Kit 2-Post DS2246
X559A-R6X559AR6Netapp New NtApp DS2246 24Bay 2.5 SFF SAS Dsk Shlf
114-00041+C411400041C4Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS2050 855W PSU Power Supply
02A9270Netapp Refurbished
X3946-R5X3946R5Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3050 Motherboard No Memory
X565A-R5X565AR5Netapp Refurbished Netapp 2020/2040 Chassis w/o PSU Power Supply or controller
FAS2040-CHASSISFAS2040CHASSISNetapp Refurbished FAS2040 FAS2020 Enclosure Chassis Only
108-0026810800268Netapp Refurbished 1TB SATA 7.2K HGST DRIVE ONLY
X1048A-R6X1048AR6Netapp Refurbished HBA PCI-E 4-port 1 GbE Optical
11100569Netapp Refurbished Controller IOM3 Module for DS4243
FAS3210A-IB-BASE-R6FAS3210AIBBASER6Netapp Refurbished FAS3210 HA System with Dual Controller
FAS3270Netapp Refurbished NetApp FAS3270 Single Controller with
X1574A-R6X1574AR6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP BRIDGE ATTO 6500N FC-SAS
111-00190+B011100190B0Netapp Refurbished NetApp IOM6 SAS 6GB R6 Controller Module
NAE-1102NAE1102Netapp Refurbished 16-Port Gigabit Switch
111-0068211100682Netapp Refurbished NetApp 111-00682 X1140A-R6 Adapter 2-Port Unified Target Cu 10Gb
X897A-R6X897AR6Netapp Refurbished NETAPP DS2246 24-SLOT STORAGE SHELF
X1107ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1107A-R6 NIC 2-Port Bare Cage SFP+ 10GbE PCIe 111-00603+
82899-078289907Netapp Refurbished NETAPP AT FCX MODULE
46X1133Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
46X1135Netapp Refurbished 2TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA HDD
FAS3270-CNTLR-INT-R6FAS3270CNTLRINTR6Netapp Refurbished Motherboard FAS3270 Internal Use
DS4243-CHASSISDS4243CHASSISNetapp Refurbished 114-00058 Power Supply 580W X518A for DS4243 chassis
111-0060311100603Netapp Refurbished NetApp Dual-Port SFP+ 10GbE NIC PCIe Crd
108-0027710800277Netapp Refurbished Disk Drive 3TB 7.2K RPM SATA
X274A-R5X274AR5Netapp Refurbished NetApp 144GB 10K FC Drive
X1938ANetapp Refurbished NetApp X1938A-R5 PCI-e PAM II 512GB Performance Acceleration Mod
856-851129-001856851129001Netapp Refurbished 1100W POWER SUPPLY FUJI ELECTRIC
106-0005610600056Netapp Refurbished Dual-Port 10/100/1000 Copper Network Adapter Card X1037
FAS6240Netapp Refurbished Single Controller w/ I/O Expansion Dual Power
0B22170Netapp Refurbished 147GBNetAppHard Drive HDD
11100359Netapp Refurbished Motherboard W/O memory for FAS3040

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