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Listings of Kingston Technology by Model / Part Numbers
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Part No.Description
KTM-SX313K3/24GKTMSX313K324GKingston Technology Refurbished 3 X 8GB PC3 10600 2RX4
DT101G2/64GBDT101G264GBKingston Technology New 64GB USB 2.0 r10MB/s w5MB/s Data Traveler 101 G2 Silver/Green Sw
KVR21E15S8/4HAKVR21E15S84HAKingston Technology New 4GB 2133MHZ DDR4 ECC DIMM 1RX8 HYNIX A
SKC380S3/240GSKC380S3240GKingston Technology New 240GB SSDNOW KC380 SSD Solid State Drive MICRO SATA 3 1.8
KTD-PE313/2GKTDPE3132GKingston Technology Refurbished KINGSTON MEM 2GB 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 Dimm
KTH-PL313EKTHPL313EKingston Technology Refurbished 4GB 2RX4 PC3-10600R
KTH-PL313K3/24GKTHPL313K324GKingston Technology Refurbished 24GB KIT 8GB X 3 DDR3 1333 REG ECC EQUIVALENT TO OEM PART 500662
KVR333/1GRKVR3331GRKingston Technology Refurbished Kingston ValueRAM - Memory - 1 GB - DIMM 184-pin - DDR - 333 MHz
KTH-PN421E/8GKTHPN421E8GKingston Technology New 8GB DDR4 2133MHZ ECC MODULE
HX316C10FB/4HX316C10FB4Kingston Technology New 4GB 1600MHZ DDR3 CL10 HYPERX FURY BLACK
KTDPE313Q8LV16GKingston Technology Refurbished KINGSTON 16GB 4RX8 PC3L-10600R 1.35V MEMORY MODULE 1x16GB
KVR800D2E6/2GKVR800D2E62GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2 PC6400 ECC DIMM CL6 256MX72 240P 128mX8 8k 1.8v 2RX8
KVR24R17D8/16KVR24R17D816Kingston Technology New 16GB 2400MHZ DDR4 ECC REG CL17 DIMM 2RX8
KVR266X72RC25L/2GKVR266X72RC25L2GKingston Technology New Kingston 2GB PC2100 DDR-266MHz ECC Registered CL2.5 184-Pin DIMM
KAC-AL316/16GKACAL31616GKingston Technology New KACAL31616G
KAC-MEMG/2GKACMEMG2GKingston Technology New KACMEMG2G 2GB 1 x 2GB - 800MHz DDR2-800/PC2-6400 - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 200-pin
KAC-VR208/1GKACVR2081GKingston Technology New KACVR2081G KAC-VR208/1G RAM Module - 1GB 1 x 1GB - DDR2 SDRAM
KAC-VR208/1GKACVR2081GKingston Technology Refurbished KACVR2081G KAC-VR208/1G RAM Module - 1GB 1 x 1GB - DDR2 SDRAM
KAC-VR208/2GKACVR2082GKingston Technology New KACVR2082G KAC-VR208/2G RAM Module - 2GB 1 x 2GB - DDR2 SDRAM
KCS-B200B/16GKCSB200B16GKingston Technology New KCSB200B16G 16GB ECC REG 1600MHZ MODULE Memory 1.5V FOR CISCO Server
KFJ2813/256KFJ2813256Kingston Technology New KFJ2813256 - Memory - 256MB - DIMM 184-pin - DDR - 333Mhz / PC27
KFJ9900E/8GKFJ9900E8GKingston Technology 8GB 1333MHZ MODULE
KFJ-DP100/256KFJDP100256Kingston Technology New KINGSTON 256MB MEMORY MODULE
KFJ-FPC218/2GKFJFPC2182GKingston Technology New SODIMM 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz 200-Pin Unbuffered 2Rx4 CL5
KFJ-FPC50/256KFJFPC50256Kingston Technology Kingston 256MB Module
KFJ-PM316LV/16GKFJPM316LV16GKingston Technology 16GB 1600MHZ ECC Regulator Memory LOW VOLTAGE MODULE
KFJ-PM316LV/8GKFJPM316LV8GKingston Technology 8GB 1600MHZ ECC Regulator Memory LOW VOLTAGE MODULE
KFJSCE133/128KFJSCE133128Kingston Technology Refurbished KFJSCE133128 128MB SDRAM MEMORY
KHX2700/512KHX2700512Kingston Technology Refurbished KHX2700512 MEMORY HYPER X PC2700 333MHZ BUS 512MB DDR 64X64 184-Pin
KHX3200AK2/512KHX3200AK2512Kingston Technology Refurbished KHX3200AK2512 184-Pin DDR-256MB-PC3200.
KHX5300S2LLK2/4GKHX5300S2LLK24GKingston Technology Refurbished KHX5300S2LLK24G 4GB 667MHz DDR2 Low-Latency CL4 4-4-4-12 SODIMM Kit of 2
KHX6400D2B1/2GKHX6400D2B12GKingston Technology Refurbished KHX6400D2B12G 800Mhz DDR2-800/PC2-6400 - Non-ECC Memory - Unbuffered - 240-pin DIMM
KPN424-ELGKPN424ELGKingston Technology Refurbished KPN424ELG 1Gb 2Rx8 PC2-5300-555 ddr2 2RX8 Non-ECC Memory 667mhz Opti 745
DTDUO/8GBDTDUO8GBKingston Technology New 8GB DT 2.0 MicroDuo USB OTG (DTDUO8GB)
KSE1840/256KSE1840256Kingston Technology New KSE1840256 KSE1840/256 256MB DIMM SCENIC SCOVERY
KSG-ORIG/64KSGORIG64Kingston Technology Refurbished KSGORIG64 KSG-ORIG/64 SGI # 5686730 MEMORY KIT
KSM-S700/16KSMS70016Kingston Technology Refurbished KSMS70016 16MB Notebook Laptop Memory
KTA-604/16KTA60416Kingston Technology Refurbished KTA60416 KTA-604/16 16MB DIMM
KTA-G4133/256KTAG4133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTAG4133256 256MB 168-Pin PC133 CL3 8c 32x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM T018 RFB China
KTA-IMAC400/512KTAIMAC400512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTAIMAC400512 512MB Memory PC3200 Application 400MHZ DIMM
KTA-MB1333/8GKTAMB13338GKingston Technology New KTAMB13338G 8GB 1 x 8GB - DDR3 SDRAM - 1333 MHz - Non-ECC - 204-pin SoDI
KTA-MB1600/8GKTAMB16008GKingston Technology New KTAMB16008G 8GB 1600MHz Module KTAMB16008G
KTA-MB667/1GKTAMB6671GKingston Technology New IMAC 17-Inch-20INCH 1GB MEMORY Memory MODULE SINGLE UNIT APPLE Notebook Laptop
KTA-MB667/2GKTAMB6672GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2 PC5300 SODIMM CL5 256MX64 200P 128mX8 8k 1.8v 2RX8
KTA-MB667K2/2GKTAMB667K22GKingston Technology New 2GB KIT 667MHZ SODIMM 200 PIN Memory UNBUFFERED NON-ECC
KTA-MB667K2/4GKTAMB667K24GKingston Technology New 4GB KIT . Memory
KTA-MB800/2GKTAMB8002GKingston Technology New 2GB APPLE MODULE Memory Notebook Laptop MEMORY
KTA-MB800K2/2GKTAMB800K22GKingston Technology New KTAMB800K22G 2GB 2 x 1GB - 800MHz DDR2-800/PC2-6400 - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 200-pin
KTA-MB800K2/4GKTAMB800K24GKingston Technology New KTAMB800K24G Memory 4GB DDR2 800MHZ UNBUFFERED APPLE KIT Notebook Laptop Memory
KTA-PB190/8KTAPB1908Kingston Technology Refurbished KTAPB1908 KTA-PB190/8 8MB MEMORY MODULE
KTC1481/16KTC148116Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC148116 8MB FPM Parity 60ns 5v 72-pin FastPage SIMM Memory Module
KTC1481/8KTC14818Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC14818 KTC1481/8 8MB MEMORY KIT
KTC-1691/64KTC169164Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC169164 64MB Memory Module Kit of two
KTC16K/PSKTC16KPSKingston Technology Refurbished KTC16KPS 16MB Module FPM SIMM Parity 60ns 72-Pin Mfr P/N KTC-16K/PS
KTC-1966/256KTC1966256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC1966256 256MB Memory Module
KTC2000/33KTC200033Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC200033 KTC2000/33 2MB MEMORY MODULE
KTC2428/128KTC2428128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC2428128 128MB Module For Compaq DeskPro 2000 4000 MMX Series
KTC-2428/16KTC242816Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC242816 16MB Module SDRAM Memory PC66 CL=2 non-ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 2MB x 64 Mfr P/
KTC-2428/64KTC242864Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC242864 64MB Memory Module
KTC2428256Kingston Technology Refurbished 256MB PC100 MEMORY MODULE
KTC-2430/32KTC243032Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC243032 64MB Kit of 2 memory modules
KTC2430/64KTC243064Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC243064 64MB Kit For Compaq DeskPro 2000 Series 3020 4112 4122
KTC3014/16KTC301416Kingston Technology Refurbished KINGSTON KTC3014/16 16MB KIT
KTC311/64KTC31164Kingston Technology New KTC31164 64MB Module For Compaq Armada E700 6400
KTC3285/1024KTC32851024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC32851024 1GB Memory KIT 4x256 EDO 50nano
KTC3285/256KTC3285256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC3285256 256MB Memory Kit Kit of 4
KTC3285/512KTC3285512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC3285512 512MB Kit for Compaq ProLiant 5500 6 400 6500 6 400
KTC3288/2048KTC32882048Kingston Technology New KTC32882048 2GB MEMORY KIT FOR COMPAQ
KTC-3614/128KTC3614128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC3614128 128MB Module For Compaq ProLiant 1600 6/350 1600 6/400
KTC-3614/256KTC3614256Kingston Technology New KTC3614256 256MB Module Memory SDRAM PC100 CL=2 Registered ECC 100MHz 3.3-Volt 32MB x
KTC-3614/64KTC361464Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC361464 64MB Compaq ProLiant 800 6/350 168-Pin DIMM ECC Synchronous SDR_
KTC3617/512KTC3617512Kingston Technology New KTC3617512 512MB 168p PC100 CL2 36c 32x4 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T028
KTC3990256Kingston Technology New KINSTON 256MB MEMORY Compaq #103990-B21
KTC-6520/4KTC65204Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC65204 KTC-6520/4 4MB MEMORY
KTC6611/128KTC6611128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC6611128 128MB 100MHz Module For Compaq DeskPro EN 6350/6.4 6350/4.3 KTC
KTC6611/256KTC6611256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC6611256 256MB PC100 Memory SDRAM 168-Pin
KTC6611/32KTC661132Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC661132 32MB 168-Pin PC100 CL2 16c 2x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM
KTC6615/128KTC6615128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC6615128 128MB Memory Module
KTC6615/256KTC6615256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC6615256 256MB MODULE FOR COMPAQ PROFESSIONAL WORKSTATION AP200
KTC6794/128KTC6794128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC6794128 128MB Kit ECC For Compaq Prosignia 200 5/166
KTC6794/64KTC679464Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC679464 64MB Kit ECC For Compaq Prosignia 200 5/166
KTC7494/1GKTC74941GKingston Technology Refurbished KTC74941G MEMORY - 1GB MODULE FOR HP/COMPAQ: PROLIANT BL30P/DL14_
KTC7494/2GKTC74942GKingston Technology Refurbished KTC74942G 2GB MODULE HP PART 300702 001 301044 B21 313305 B21
KTC7494/512KTC7494512Kingston Technology New KTC7494512 512MB KTC7494/512 Memory PC2100 DDR-266MHz ECC Registered CL2.5 184-Pin
KTC7494-1GKTC74941GKingston Technology New KTC74941G MEMORY - 1GB MODULE FOR HP/COMPAQ: PROLIANT BL30P/DL14_
KTC9023/512KTC9023512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC9023512 512MB Kit 2 x 256MB
KTC9282/1024KTC92821024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTC92821024 1GB Memory EDO RAM kit 4 x 256MB mw
KTCA7800/64KTCA780064Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCA780064 64MB SDRAM Memory FOR ARMADA 7800
KTCAP400/128KTCAP400128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCAP400128 128MB Memory Module
KTCAP400/256KTCAP400256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCAP400256 256MB Memory Module
KTC-D320/128KTCD320128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCD320128 128MB DDR333 Memory Module
KTC-D320/1GKTCD3201GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCD3201G Kingston 1GBPC2700 DDR-333MHz Unbuffered non-ECC CL2.5 184-Pin D
KTC-D320/256KTCD320256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCD320256 256MB PC2700 333MHZ MODULE FOR Memory HP/COMPAQ EVO DESKTOP SERIES
KTC-D320/512KTCD320512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCD320512 512MB 184p PC2700 CL2.5 16c 32x8 2Rx8 DDR333 2.5V UDIMM RFB
ktc-dl580g2/2gktcdl580g22gKingston Technology Refurbished KTCDL580G22G 2GB KIT 4X512MB DDR ECC PROLIANT DL580 G2 NAS E7000 V2
KTC-DL580G2/4GKTCDL580G24GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCDL580G24G Memory 4gb kit 1gx4 PC1600R ddr 200 ECC Registered
KTC-DL580G2/8GKTCDL580G28GKingston Technology New KTCDL580G28G 8GB KIT 4X2GB DDR ECC HP PART 202173 B21
KTC-DL580G2/8GKTCDL580G28GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCDL580G28G 8GB KIT 4X2GB DDR ECC HP PART 202173 B21
KTC-EN133/128KTCEN133128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCEN133128 128MB KTC-EN133/128 PC133 133MHz Non-ECC Memory Unbuffered CL3 168-Pin
KTC-EN133/256KTCEN133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCEN133256 256MB 133MHZ MODULE FOR COMPAQ Memory DESKPRO EN 6667-6933
KTC-En133/512KTCEn133512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCEN133512 512MB SDRAM 133MHZ MODULE FOR Memory COMPAQ DESKPRO EN 566-1000
KTC-G2/1024KTCG21024Kingston Technology New KTCG21024 MEMORY - 1GB ECC KIT FOR HP/COMPAQ: PROLIANT BL20P/DL3_
KTC-G2/2048KTCG22048Kingston Technology New Kingston 2GB Kit 2 X 1GB PC133 133MHz ECC Registered CL3 168-P
KTC-G2/512KTCG2512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCG2512 512MB KTC-G2/512 PC133 133MHz ECC Registered CL3 168-Pin DIMM Me
KTC-G2-1024KTCG21024Kingston Technology New KTCG21024 MEMORY - 1GB ECC KIT FOR HP/COMPAQ: PROLIANT BL20P/DL3_
KTC-ML370G3/1GKTCML370G31GKingston Technology New KTCML370G31G 1GB 211GB 266MHZ 184-PIN DDR 2100
KTC-ML370G3/1GKTCML370G31GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCML370G31G 1GB 211GB 266MHZ 184-PIN DDR 2100
KTC-ML370G3/2GKTCML370G32GKingston Technology New KTCML370G32G 2GB KIT 2X1GB DDR ECC HP PART #Memory 300680-B21 AD196A
KTC-ML370G3/2GKTCML370G32GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCML370G32G 2GB KIT 2X1GB DDR ECC HP PART #Memory 300680-B21 AD196A
KTC-ML370G3/4GKTCML370G34GKingston Technology Refurbished 2AGE 4GB 2GBX2 184p PC2100 CL2.5 36c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR DI
KTC-ML530G2/2GKTCML530G22GKingston Technology New 2GB PC1600R/200MHZ ECC/REG 184-PIN DDR DIMM KIT 2X 1GB
KTC-ML530G2/4GKTCML530G24GKingston Technology New KTCML530G24G 187421-B21 4GB COMPAQ PROLIANT KIT
KTC-ML530G2/4GKTCML530G24GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCML530G24G 187421-B21 4GB COMPAQ PROLIANT KIT
KTC-ML530G2/512KTCML530G2512Kingston Technology New 184P-DDR-256MB-PC2100. ECC-REG
KTC-N600512KTCN600512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCN600512 512MB SDRAM Memory SODIMM 144-PIN FOR TP
KTC-P2800/1GKTCP28001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTCP28001G KINGSTON 1GB DDR SDRAM Notebook Laptop MEMORY RAM 266MHz PC2100
KTCP2800/512KTCP2800512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCP2800512 200P-DDR-SODIMM-512MB-PC2100.
KTC-PENT/8KTCPENT8Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPENT8 8MB Module for Compaq Prolinea Pentium 5100
KTCPNP/32TKTCPNP32TKingston Technology Refurbished KTCPNP32T 32MB Memory Module
KTC-PR266/128KTCPR266128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPR266128 128MB MEMORY MODULE FOR COMPAQ
KTC-PR266/1GKTCPR2661GKingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 1 GB DDR SDRAM Memory Module - 1GB 1 x 1GB - 266MHz D
KTC-PR266/256KTCPR266256Kingston Technology New KTCPR266256 256MB PC2100 266Mhz DDR Non-Ecc SDRAM Memory Module Wok
KTC-PR266/512KTCPR266512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPR266512 512MB PC2100 DDR 184-Pin SDRAM Memory
KTCPRL/256KTCPRL256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL256 256MB Memory Kit
KTCPRL/512KTCPRL512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL512 168-Pin EDO-128MB-ECC Buffered
KTC-PRL100/1024KTCPRL1001024Kingston Technology New KTCPRL1001024 1GB PC100 Registered ECC memory for various Compaq systems 168 p
KTC-PRL100/2048KTCPRL1002048Kingston Technology New KTCPRL1002048 2GB Memory Kit 4 X 512MB Compaq Equal 189082-B21
KTC-PRL100/2048KTCPRL1002048Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL1002048 2GB Memory Kit 4 X 512MB Compaq Equal 189082-B21
KTC-PRL100/4096KTCPRL1004096Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL1004096 4GB Memory Kit 4 x 1GB KTC-PRL100/4096
KTC-PRL133/1024KTCPRL1331024Kingston Technology New KTCPRL1331024 1024MB KTC-PRL133/1024 PC133 133MHz ECC Registered CL3 168-Pin S
KTCPRL133/1024AKTCPRL1331024AKingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL1331024A 1024MB 133MHz 168-Pin ECC Registered Memory Module For Compaq Mf
KTCPRL133/256KTCPRL133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL133256 256MB ECC Registered PC133 Module For Compaq Mfr P/N 128278-B21
KTC-PRL133/512KTCPRL133512Kingston Technology New KTCPRL133512 512MB 133MHZ ECC DIMM FOR Memory COMPAQ PROLIANT DL380 ML350
KTC-PRL133/512KTCPRL133512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCPRL133512 512MB 133MHZ ECC DIMM FOR Memory COMPAQ PROLIANT DL380 ML350
KTC-SP700/256KTCSP700256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTCSP700256 256MB 168-Pin PC100 CL2 18c 16x8 Registered ECC SDRAM Memory DIMM T011
KTD4400/1GKTD44001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTD44001G KTD4400/1G Memory - 1GB - DIMM 184-pin - DD_
KTD4400/256KTD4400256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTD4400256 - Memory - 256MB - DIMM 184-pin - DDR - 266Mhz / PC21
KTD4400/512KTD4400512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTD4400512 512MB DDR MODULE FOR DELL Memory DIMENISION 4400
KTD4550/1GKTD45501GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB PC2700 333MHZ DDR DELL DIMENSION AND OPTIPLEX
KTD4550/512KTD4550512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTD4550512 184P-DDR-512MB-PC2700.
KTD8300/1GKTD83001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTD83001G Kingston 1GB PC3200 DDR-400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 184-Pin DI
KTD8300/256KTD8300256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTD8300256
KTD8300/512KTD8300512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTD8300512 512MB 184p PC3200 CL3 16c 32x8 DDR400 2Rx8 2.5V UDIMM RFB
KTD-DM133/256KTDDM133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDDM133256 256MB PC133 SD-RAM MEMORY DT ( Desktop Set )
KTD-DM800E/256KTDDM800E256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDDM800E256 256MB ECC Kit For Dell Mfr P/N N/A
KTD-DM8400A/1GKTDDM8400A1GKingston Technology New KTDDM8400A1G Open Box - Kingston 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM Dell Dimension
KTD-DM8400A/1GKTDDM8400A1GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDDM8400A1G Open Box - Kingston 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM DIMM Dell Dimension
KTD-DM8400B/1GKTDDM8400B1GKingston Technology New 1GB DELL DIMENSION 9100 9150/ Memory XPS GEN 5/PRECISION 380/XPS 400
KTD-DM8400BE/2GKTDDM8400BE2GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2-667 ECC MODULE . Memory
KTD-DM8400C6/1GKTDDM8400C61GKingston Technology New KTDDM8400C61G 1GB 1 x 1GB - 800MHz DDR2-800/PC2-6400 - DDR2 SDRAM - 240-pin
KTD-DM8400C6/2GKTDDM8400C62GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2-800 CL6 MODULE Memory DELL DESKTOP
KTD-INSP5150/1GKTDINSP51501GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDINSP51501G 1GB DDR SODIMM DELL PART # Memory A0388055 A0461912
KTDINSP6000A/1GKTDINSP6000A1GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDINSP6000A1G 1GB SODIMM DDR PC2-4200 533MHz
KTD-INSP6000A/512KTDINSP6000A512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDINSP6000A512 512MB MODULE FOR DELL INSPIRON Memory 6000 LATITUDE D410 D610 D810
KTD-INSP6000B/1GKTDINSP6000B1GKingston Technology New 1GB NOTEBOOK SODIMM DDR2 PC5300667 UNBUF 1.8v 2RX8 200P 128MX6
KTD-INSP6000B/2GKTDINSP6000B2GKingston Technology New KTDINSP6000B2G 2GB SODIMM DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz Latitude D620/D630 Y9540
KTD-INSP6000C/1GKTDINSP6000C1GKingston Technology New KTDINSP6000C1G 1GB PC2-6400 Memory MODULE DELL
KTD-INSP6000C/2GKTDINSP6000C2GKingston Technology New 2GB NOTEBOOK SODIMM DDR2 PC6400800 UNBUF 1.8v 2RX8 200P 256MX6
KTD-INSP8200/512KTDINSP8200512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDINSP8200512 1024MB DDR1 SODIMM 333MHZ Memory PC2700 FOR LAPTOPS
KTD-L3C/8GKTDL3C8GKingston Technology New KTDL3C8G KINGSTON 8GB DDR3-1600C11 SODIMM 204P
KTD-OPGX1/256KTDOPGX1256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDOPGX1256 256MB 1 x 256MB - ECC - SDRAM Memory - 168-pin
KTD-OPGX1N/128KTDOPGX1N128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTDOPGX1N128 Package includes one stick of 128MB PC100 desktop memory. Manufa
KTD-PE2400/256KTDPE2400256Kingston Technology New KTDPE2400256 256MB SDRAM Memory DIMM ECC 133MHZ FOR DELL POWEREDGE 2400/245
KTD-PE2650/1GKTDPE26501GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDPE26501G 1GB KIT 2X512MB DDR DELL PART 311 1618
KTD-PE2650/4GKTDPE26504GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDPE26504G 4GB 2 x 2GB - 200MHz DDR200/PC1600 - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184-pin
KTD-PE2650-2GKTDPE26502GKingston Technology New KTDPE26502G MEME 2GB DIMM 184-Inch DDR 266MHZ REGISTERED
KTD-PE310Q8/8GKTDPE310Q88GKingston Technology Refurbished 8GB 240p PC3-8500 CL7 36c 256x8 DDR3-1066 4Rx8 1.5V ECC RDIMM Re
KTD-PE313/4GKTDPE3134GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDPE3134G 4GB 1333MHZ Registered ECC MODULE KTD PE313 4G
KTD-PE313E/2GKTDPE313E2GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDPE313E2G
KTD-PE313E/4GKTDPE313E4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDPE313E4G 4GB 1333MHZ ECC MODULE
KTD-PE313LV/8GKTDPE313LV8GKingston Technology New KTDPE313LV8G KINGSTON 8GB PC3-10600R-9 2RX4 240P - LV
KTD-PE313Q8LV/16GKTDPE313Q8LV16GKingston Technology New KTD-PE313Q8LV/16G KINGSTON 16GB 4RX8 PC3L-10600R 1.35V MEMORY MO
KTD-PE313Q8LVK3/48GKTDPE313Q8LVK348GKingston Technology 48GB KIT 3X16GB ECC QR X8 Regulator 1333MHZ LOW VOLTAGE FOR DELL
KTD-PE313SK3/12GKTDPE313SK312GKingston Technology 12GB KIT 3X4GB ECC SR Registered Memory Memory 1333MHZ FOR DELL SERIES
KTD-PE316/16GKTDPE31616GKingston Technology New KTDPE31616G 16GB ECC REG 1600MHZ MODULE Memory FOR DELL POWEREDGE
KTD-PE316LV/16GKTDPE316LV16GKingston Technology New DIMM 16GB DDR3 PC3-12800 1600MHz 240-Pin ECC Registered 2Rx4 C
KTD-PE316LV/8GKTDPE316LV8GKingston Technology 8GB 1600MHZ ECC Regulator Memory LOW VOLTAGE MODULE
KTDPE4100/128KTDPE4100128Kingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 128MB Module For Dell PowerEdge 4100 Mfr P/N KTD-PE4100
KTD-PE6600/4GKTDPE66004GKingston Technology New KTDPE66004G 4GB DELL POWEREDGE 6600 DDR KIT
KTD-PE6950/16GKTDPE695016GKingston Technology New KTDPE695016G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz DDR2-667/PC2-5300 - ECC - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 2
KTD-PE6950/8GKTDPE69508GKingston Technology New KTDPE69508G 8GB 2 x 4GB - 667MHz DDR2-667/PC2-5300 - Parity - DDR2 SDRAM Memory
KTD-WS450/2GKTDWS4502GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDWS4502G 2GB DELL PRECISION Workstation 450 650 2
KTD-WS450E/2GKTDWS450E2GKingston Technology New KTDWS450E2G KIT OF 2 - 1GB Module DELL BRANDED 450/650 Workstation
KTD-WS667/16GKTDWS66716GKingston Technology New KTDWS66716G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTD-WS667/16GKTDWS66716GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDWS66716G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTD-WS667/2GKTDWS6672GKingston Technology NEW 2GB MEMORY FOR DELL POWEREDGE 1950/2900/2950
KTDWS667/2GKTDWS6672GKingston Technology Refurbished 2GB MEMORY FOR DELL POWEREDGE 1950/2900/2950
KTDWS667/4GKTDWS6674GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDWS6674G MEMORY - 4GB KIT FOR DELL: POWEREDGE 1900/1950/1950 II
KTDWS667/8GKTDWS6678GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDWS6678G 8GB Memory Kit for Dell Poweredge 1900/1950/1950
KTD-WS670/1GKTDWS6701GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB MODULE FOR DELL PRECISION Memory WORKSTATION 470/470N/670/670N
KTD-XPS730B/2GKTDXPS730B2GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDXPS730B2G 2GB DDR3 MODULE 1333MHZ DELL DESKTOP
KTD-XPS730B/4GKTDXPS730B4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTDXPS730B4G 4GB 1 x 4GB - 1333MHz DDR3-1333/PC3-10666 - DDR3 SDRAM - 240-p
KTD-XPS730C/8GKTDXPS730C8GKingston Technology New KTDXPS730C8G KINGSTON 8GB DDR3-1600U11 non-ECC UDIMM
KTH32000/486KTH32000486Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH32000486 32MB Memory for HP LaserJet DesignJet
KTH4+/16KTH416Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH416 KINGTSON 16MB MODULE FOR HP Laserjet 4
KTH-4000DKTH4000DKingston Technology Refurbished KTH4000D KTH-4000D 4MB EXPANSION Board LJII
KTH4294/128KTH4294128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH4294128 128MB Memory Module
KTH4891/32KTH489132Kingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 32MB Module For HP Netserver LX Pro 6/166 6/166Smp Mfr
KTH4891/64KTH489164Kingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 64MB Module For HP Netserver LX Pro 6/166 6/166SMP Mfr
KTH4994/1024KTH49941024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH49941024 1GB DIMM
KTH4994/512KTH4994512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH4994512 512MB RAM Module for HP workstation
KTH4P/4KTH4P4Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH4P4 KTH4P/4 MEMORY MODULE
KTH5361/128KTH5361128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH5361128 128MB Module For HP Vectra VE7 C/266
KTH5361/64KTH536164Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH536164 64MB 168-Pin PC66 8c 8x8 SDRAM Memory DIMM T016
KTH5365/128KTH5365128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH5365128 128MB Memory Module
KTH6097/256KTH6097256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH6097256 168-Pin SDRAM-256MB-PC100-ECC Registered
KTH6501/128KTH6501128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH6501128 128MB MEMORY dt PC100
KTH6501/256KTH6501256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH6501256 OEM. Package includes 1 stick of KTH6501/256 PC1
KTH6521/256KTH6521256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH6521256 256MB Memory Module
KTH6521/64KTH652164Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH652164 64MB Memory Module
KTH7155/256KTH7155256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH7155256 256MB Memory PC100 Unbuffered ECC Dimm
KTH8265/1024KTH82651024Kingston Technology New KTH82651024 168-Pin SDRAM-1GB-PC133-ECC Registered
KTH8265/1024KTH82651024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH82651024 168-Pin SDRAM-1GB-PC133-ECC Registered
KTH8265/128KTH8265128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH8265128 128MB Memory Module
KTH8265/256KTH8265256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH8265256 256MB Memory Module
KTH8265/512KTH8265512Kingston Technology Refurbished 512MB 168p PC133 CL3 18c 64x4 1Rx4 3.3V ECC RDIMM 1.75in RFB
KTH8265-1024KTH82651024Kingston Technology New KTH82651024 168-Pin SDRAM-1GB-PC133-ECC Registered
KTH8265-512KTH8265512Kingston Technology New KTH8265512 KTH8265/512 512MB ECC 133MHZ SDRAM Memory
KTH8348/1GKTH83481GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB 184p PC2700 CL2.5 18c 128x4 Registered ECC DDR DIMM T027 RFB
KTH8348/2GKTH83482GKingston Technology New KTH83482G 2GB FOR HP PROLIANT DL360 G4 ML350 G4 OEM 358349 B21
KTH-8348/2GKTH83482GKingston Technology Refurbished KTH83482G 2GB FOR HP PROLIANT DL360 G4 ML350 G4 OEM 358349 B21
KTH8348/512KTH8348512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTH8348512 512MB 1 x 512MB - 333MHz DDR333/PC2700 - ECC - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184
KTH8400/2GKTH84002GKingston Technology Refurbished KTH84002G 2GB SDRAM Memory KIT 4 X 512MB DIMM
KTH8400/4GKTH84004GKingston Technology Refurbished KTH84004G 4GB 4X1GB MEMORY KIT
KTH9600B/2GKTH9600B2GKingston Technology Refurbished KTH9600B2G DDR3 SDRAM - 2 GB - 1333Mhz - EQUIVALENT TO OEM PART 576110-001
KTH-BL495K2/8GKTHBL495K28GKingston Technology New KTHBL495K28G 8GB KIT 2X4GB DDR2 800MHZ HP COMPAQ SERVER
KTH-D530/1GKTHD5301GKingston Technology New KTHD5301G Kingston 1GB PC3200 DDR-400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 184-Pin DI
KTH-D530/1GKTHD5301GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHD5301G Kingston 1GB PC3200 DDR-400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 184-Pin DI
KTH-D530/256KTHD530256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHD530256 256MB PC3200 400MHZ MODULE FOR Memory HP/COMPAQ EVO DESKTOP SERIES
KTH-D530/512KTHD530512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHD530512 512MB PC3200 400MHZ MODULE FOR Memory HP/COMPAQ EVO DESKTOP SERIES
KTH-DJ5000/128KTHDJ5000128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHDJ5000128 128MB HP 4450N/DN/HDN 5000 5000
KTH-DL145/2GKTHDL1452GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHDL1452G 2GB Kit KTH-DL145/2G Server Memory For HP/Compaq Mfr P/N 361038
KTH-DL145/4GKTHDL1454GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHDL1454G 4GB 2 x 2GB - 333MHz DDR333/PC2700 - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184-pin
KTH-DL145/8GKTHDL1458GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHDL1458G
KTH-DL385/2GKTHDL3852GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHDL3852G MEMORY 2GB DDR400 SINGLE RANK KIT FOR HP COMPAQ ProLiant
KTH-DL385/4GKTHDL3854GKingston Technology New 4GB PC3200R/400MHZ ECC/REG 184-PIN DDR MEMORY KIT 2X2GB
KTH-DL385/4GKTHDL3854GKingston Technology Refurbished 4GB PC3200R/400MHZ ECC/REG 184-PIN DDR MEMORY KIT 2X2GB
KTH-KSVR/128KTHKSVR128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHKSVR128 Memory/128MB MEMORY KIT 2x64MB
KTH-KSVR/512KTHKSVR512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHKSVR512 512MB Memory Kit
KTH-KSVR/64KTHKSVR64Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHKSVR64 64MB MEMORY BOARDS
KTH-LJ4/4KTHLJ44Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLJ44 LASERJET 4 4MB MEMORY MODULE
KTH-LJ4000/16KTHLJ400016Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLJ400016 PULL 16MB MEMORY MODULE
KTHLJ4100/128KTHLJ4100128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLJ4100128 128MB SDRAM MODULE FOR HP Memory LASERJET 4100 1320 2800 MFP ( Multifunction Printer )
KTH-LJ4100/64KTHLJ410064Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLJ410064 64MB SDRAM DIMM 100MHZ HP 8000 Memory 8000/8500/8550/5000/4500/3300
KTH-LJ8000/64KTHLJ800064Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLJ800064 LASERJET 64MB SDRAM MEMORY
KTHLSVR/1024KTHLSVR1024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHLSVR1024 1024MB MEMORY KIT A/L/N Class
KTH-LSVR/2048KTHLSVR2048Kingston Technology Refurbished 2BMX 1GBx2 278p PC133 36c 64x4 Registered ECC SDRAM DIMM Kit A6
KTH-MLG4/1GKTHMLG41GKingston Technology New KTHMLG41G 1GB KIT FOR HP PROLIANT DL380 Memory G4 ML370 G4
KTH-MLG4/2GKTHMLG42GKingston Technology New 2GB KIT FOR HP PROLIANT DL380 Memory G4 ML370 G4
KTH-MLG4/2GKTHMLG42GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHMLG42G 2GB Kit 2 x 1GB DDR2 Memory PC3200 DB
KTH-MLG4/4GKTHMLG44GKingston Technology New KTHMLG44G 4GB 2X2GB KIT Memory PC3200 ECC FOR HP4GB 2X2GB KIT Memory PC3200 ECC FOR HP e
KTH-MLG4/4GKTHMLG44GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHMLG44G 4GB 2X2GB KIT Memory PC3200 ECC FOR HP4GB 2X2GB KIT Memory PC3200 ECC FOR HP e
KTHMLG4/8GKTHMLG48GKingston Technology Refurbished 348106-B21 KINGSTON 8GB COMPAQ PROLIANT
KTH-MLG4SR/4GKTHMLG4SR4GKingston Technology Refurbished 4GBPC2-3200R/400MHZECC/REG1RX4240-PINDDR2 DIMM KIT OF 2
KTH-OB133-128KTHOB133128Kingston Technology New KTHOB133128 Kingston 128Mb PC133 Sodimm Memory New KTH-OB133-128
KTH-OB4150/128KTHOB4150128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHOB4150128 128MB HP OMNIBOOK Pavilion 4150
KTH-PL313/2GKTHPL3132GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL3132G 2GB DDR3-1333 C999 240P RDIMM
KTH-PL313/4GKTHPL3134GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL3134G 4GB DDR3 SDRAM MEMORY MODULE
KTH-PL313/8GKTHPL3138GKingston Technology New KTHPL3138G 8GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory MODULE
KTH-PL313/8GKTHPL3138GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL3138G 8GB DDR3 SDRAM Memory MODULE
KTH-PL313E/4GKTHPL313E4GKingston Technology Refurbished 4GB 240p PC3-10600 CL9 18c 256x8 DDR3-1333 2Rx8 1.5V ECC UDIMM N
KTH-PL313EK3/6GKTHPL313EK36GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL313EK36G DDR3 SDRAM Memory - 6GB - 1333Mhz - ECC
KTH-PL313K3/12GKTHPL313K312GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL313K312G 12GB 1333MHZ Registered ECC KIT KTH PL313K3 12G
KTH-PL313LV/16GKTHPL313LV16GKingston Technology 16GB 1333MHZ ECC Regulator LOW Memory VOLTAGE MODULE
KTH-PL313LV/16GKTHPL313LV16GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL313LV16G KINGSTON 16GB D3L-1333 C999 240P RDIMM
KTH-PL313S/4GKTHPL313S4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHPL313S4G E KTH-PL313S/4G KINGSTON 4GB 1X4GB PC3-10600R
KTH-PL316/16GKTHPL31616GKingston Technology New KTHPL31616G 16GB ECC REG 1600MHZ MODULE Memory FOR HP COMPAQ
KTH-PL316K4/64GKTHPL316K464GKingston Technology New Kingston Technology 64GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Reg ECC DIMM Memory for HP/Compaq Server (KTH-PL316K4/64G)
KTH-PL316LV/16GKTHPL316LV16GKingston Technology New Kingston 16GB 1600MHz Reg ECC Low Voltage Module - 16 GB 1 x 16
KTH-PVL133/256KTHPVL133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHPVL133256 MEMORY - MEMORY - 256MB - DIMM 168-PIN - SDRAM - 133 M
KTH-VL133/128KTHVL133128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL133128 128MB DIMM 168-pin for Brio BA410
KTH-VL133/256KTHVL133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL133256 MEMORY - MEMORY - 256MB - DIMM 168-PIN - SDRAM - 133 M
KTH-VL133/512KTHVL133512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL133512 512MB MODULE FOR HP VECTRA Memory VL420 E-PC 42
KTH-VL4/32KTHVL432Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL432 72-Pin SIMM 70NS
KTH-VL4/64KTHVL464Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL464 64MB Kit For HP Vectra VE3 Series VL4 5/100 5/100MT
KTH-VL600/128KTHVL600128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL600128 128MB RAMBUS-700 Non-ECC Memory
KTH-VL600/256KTHVL600256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHVL600256 256MB RAMBUS MEMORY MODULE
KTH-X3BS/4GKTHX3BS4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHX3BS4G KINGSTON 4GB PC3-10600 CL9 204-P SODIMM
KTH-XU800/256KTHXU800256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHXU800256 128MB 184P PC800-45 8D ECC RDRAM RIMM
KTH-XU800/512KTHXU800512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHXU800512 2ALR 512MB 2 Pieces 256MB 184p Memory Rambus PC800-45 8d ECC RDRAM RIMM
KTH-XW4100/1GKTHXW41001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW41001G 1GB Memory PC2700 333MHZ ECC DIMM FOR1GB Memory PC2700 333MHZ ECC DIMM FOR
KTH-XW4100A/1GKTHXW4100A1GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW4100A1G 1GB Memory PC3200 400MHZ ECC PROLIANT1GB Memory PC3200 400MHZ ECC PROLIANT
KTH-XW4200/1GKTHXW42001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW42001G 1GB PC2-3200 400MHZ 240-PIN
KVR400D2S3/256KVR400D2S3256Kingston Technology New Kingston 256MB PC2-3200 DDR2-400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 200-P
KTH-XW4200AN/1GKTHXW4200AN1GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB PC2-4200U/533MHZ 240-PIN DDR2 DIMM
KTH-XW4200AN/512KTHXW4200AN512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW4200AN512 512MB MODULE FOR HP BUSINESS Memory DESKTOP DC5100 SFF Small Form Factor /MINITOWER
KTH-XW4300/1GKTHXW43001GKingston Technology New 1GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHZ 240PINMEM FOR HP BUSINESS DSKTP DC7600 DX7200
KTH-XW4300/2GKTHXW43002GKingston Technology New 2GB MODULE FOR HP Memory
KTH-XW4300E/2GKTHXW4300E2GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2-667 ECC MODULE . Memory
KTH-XW4400/1GKTHXW44001GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB 240p PC2-6400 CL6 16c 64x8 DDR2-800 2Rx8 1.8V UDIMM RFB
KTH-XW4400C6/1GKTHXW4400C61GKingston Technology New KTHXW4400C61G KTH-XW4400C6/1G 1GB DIMM 240-pin 800Mhz CL_
KTH-XW4400C6/2GKTHXW4400C62GKingston Technology New Kingston KTH-XW4400C6/2G 2GB DDR2-800 CL6 Memory
KTH-XW4400E/1GKTHXW4400E1GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW4400E1G 1GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR II - 800Mhz
KTH-XW4400E/2GKTHXW4400E2GKingston Technology Kingston - Memory - 2GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR2 - 800 MHz / PC2-6400 - unbuffered - ECC
KTH-XW667/16GKTHXW66716GKingston Technology New KTHXW66716G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTH-XW667/16GKTHXW66716GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW66716G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTH-XW667/1GKTHXW6671GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW6671G 1GB KIT 667MHZ 240-Pin HP/COMPAQMEM Workstation XW6400/XW8400 PC2-5300
KTH-XW667/2GKTHXW6672GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW6672G 2GB KTH-XW667/2G PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz ECC Fully Buffered CL5 240
KTH-XW667/4GKTHXW6674GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW6674G 4GB -2GBX2- 2RX4 PC2-5300F MEMORY KIT -OPEN BOX
KTH-XW667/64GKTHXW66764GKingston Technology New KTHXW66764G 64GB 8X8GB PC2-5300 Memory KIT
KTH-XW667/64GKTHXW66764GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW66764G 64GB 8X8GB PC2-5300 Memory KIT
KTH-XW667/8GKTHXW6678GKingston Technology New KTHXW6678G 8GB Kingston 8 FBD DIMMs (2 x 4GB) Memory Kit For HP/ Compaq Proliant DL Series
KTH-XW667/8GKTHXW6678GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW6678G 8GB Kingston 8 FBD DIMMs (2 x 4GB) Memory Kit For HP/ Compaq Proliant DL Series
KTH-XW667LP/2GKTHXW667LP2GKingston Technology Refurbished 2GB KIT 2X1GB LOW POWER Memory HP COMPAQ SERVER
KTH-XW667LP/4GKTHXW667LP4GKingston Technology Refurbished 4GB 2x2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz 240pin ECC FB-DIM CL5 Kingston
KTH-XW8200/512KTHXW8200512Kingston Technology Refurbished Refurbished Kingston Technology.Memory 512 MB DIMM 240-pin Connector DDR2 SDRAM 400 MHz (PC2-3200) Registered ECC
KTH-XW9400K2/16GKTHXW9400K216GKingston Technology New KTHXW9400K216G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz ECC - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTH-XW9400K2/16GKTHXW9400K216GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW9400K216G 16GB 2 x 8GB - 667MHz ECC - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin DIMM
KTH-XW9400K2/2GKTHXW9400K22GKingston Technology New KTHXW9400K22G Kingston 2GB Kit 2 X 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz ECC Registered C
KTH-XW9400K2/2GKTHXW9400K22GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW9400K22G Kingston 2GB Kit 2 X 1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667MHz ECC Registered C
KTH-XW9400K2/4GKTHXW9400K24GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHXW9400K24G - MEMORY - 4GB 2 X 2GB - DIMM 240-PIN - DDR II
KTH-ZD7000/1GKTHZD70001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHZD70001G 1024MB DDR1 SODIMM 333MHZ Memory PC2700 FOR LAPTOPS
KTH-ZD7000/512KTHZD7000512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHZD7000512 512MB Module Notebook Laptop Memory H
KTH-ZD8000/512KTHZD8000512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHZD8000512 512MB 1 x 512MB - 533MHz DDR2-533/PC2-4200 - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 200
KTHZD8000A/2GKTHZD8000A2GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHZD8000A2G Kingston 2GB 1x2GB Memory Module 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM SODIMM
KTH-ZD8000B/1GKTHZD8000B1GKingston Technology New 1GB MODULE 667MHZ SODIMM 200 Memory PIN UNBUFFERED NON-ECC
KTH-ZD8000B/1GKTHZD8000B1GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB MODULE 667MHZ SODIMM 200 Memory PIN UNBUFFERED NON-ECC
KTH-ZD8000B/2GKTHZD8000B2GKingston Technology New 2GB PC2-5300S/667MHZ 2RX8 200-PIN DDR2 SODIMM
KTH-ZD8000C6/1GKTHZD8000C61GKingston Technology New 1GB DDR2 800MHZ Memory HP COMPAQ Notebook Laptop
KTH-ZD8000C6/2GKTHZD8000C62GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2 800MHZ Memory HP COMPAQ Notebook Laptop
KTH-ZX2000/1GKTHZX20001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHZX20001G 1GB memory kit for HP zx2000 workstation
KTH-ZX2000/2GKTHZX20002GKingston Technology Refurbished KTH-ZX2000/2G Kit of 2 Memory Kit walt
KTH-ZX2000/512KTHZX2000512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTHZX2000512 512MB for HP ZX2000 Workstation
KTH-ZX6000/2GKTHZX60002GKingston Technology Refurbished KTHZX60002G KTH-ZX6000/2G Kit of 2 Memory Kit
KTL2975C6/1GKTL2975C61GKingston Technology New KTL2975C61G 1GB 800MHZ CL6 MODULE Memory LENOVO DESKTOP
KTL-TCM58/1GKTLTCM581GKingston Technology Refurbished KTLTCM581G 1GB LENOVO THINKCENTRE
KTL-TCM58/2GKTLTCM582GKingston Technology Refurbished KTLTCM582G
KTL-TP1066/2GKTLTP10662GKingston Technology Refurbished KTLTP10662G Kingston Technology 2GB DDR3-1066 SoDIMM
KTL-TP1066/4GKTLTP10664GKingston Technology Refurbished 4GB DDR3 1066MHz SODIMM-Lenovo (KTLTP10664G)
KTL-TP3B/4GKTLTP3B4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTLTP3B4G Kingston - Memory - 4GB - SO DIMM 204-pin - DDR3 - 1333 MHz / P
KTL-TP3CL/4GKTLTP3CL4GKingston Technology 4GB 1600MHZ SODIMM 1.35V
KTL-TP667/1GKTLTP6671GKingston Technology New 1GB MODULE 667MHZ SODIMM 200 Memory PIN UNBUFFERED NON-ECC
KTL-TP667/1GKTLTP6671GKingston Technology Refurbished KTLTP6671G - Memory - 1GB - SO DIMM 200-pin - DDR II - 667Mhz
KTL-TP667/2GKTLTP6672GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2-667 MODULE . Memory
KTLTP667/2GKTLTP6672GKingston Technology Refurbished 2GB DDR2-667 MODULE . Memory
KTM0055/128KTM0055128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM0055128 128MB MEMORY MODULE NETVISTA A22P 6825 39P8103
KTM0055/512KTM0055512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM0055512 512MB MODULE FOR IBM NETVISTA Memory A22P 6825 XXX M41
KTM0067/1GKTM00671GKingston Technology New 1GB DDR PC2100 ECC DIMM CL2.5 128MX72 184P 64mX8 8k 2.5v 2RX8
KTM0073/128KTM0073128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM0073128 128MB ECC Module For IBM Intellistation M Pro 6898-1X0
KTM0326/64KTM032664Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM032664 64MB 168-Pin 60ns 8c 4x16 Memory EDO DIMM C6258A
KTM1133/128KTM1133128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM1133128 128MB Memory PC100 ECC INTELLIST
KTM1133/256KTM1133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM1133256 256MB ECC RAM
KTM1136/64KTM113664Kingston Technology Refurbished 64MB IBM PC 300PL 168 pin DIMM Non-Parity Synchronous SDRAM Me
KTM2031/1GKTM20311GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM20311G Memory 1GB DDR 266
KTM2726K2/4GKTM2726K24GKingston Technology Refurbished 2GB 240p PC2-5300 CL5 18c 128x8 DDR2-667 2Rx8 1.8V ECC UDIMM RFB
KTM2759K2/16GKTM2759K216GKingston Technology New Kingston Technology.Memory 16 GB (2 x 8GB) DIMM 240-pin Connector DDR2 SDRAM 667 MHz (PC2-5300) Registered ECC
KTM2759K2/8GKTM2759K28GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM2759K28G KINGSTON MEMORY - 8GB KIT CHIPKILL FOR IBM: SYSTEM X3455 798
KTM2865/2GKTM28652GKingston Technology New KTM28652G memory - 2GB 2 x 1GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR II - 40
KTM2865/4GKTM28654GKingston Technology New KTM28654G 4GB Memory kit : 2x2GB : equivalent to 375004-B21 IBM ESERVER BL_
KTM2865/4GKTM28654GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM28654G 4GB Memory kit : 2x2GB : equivalent to 375004-B21 IBM ESERVER BL_
KTM2865/8GKTM28658GKingston Technology New KTM28658G 8GB 2 x 4GB - 400MHz DDR2-400/PC2-3200 - ECC Chipkill - DDR2 S
KTM2865/8GKTM28658GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM28658G 8GB 2 x 4GB - 400MHz DDR2-400/PC2-3200 - ECC Chipkill - DDR2 S
KTM2865SR/4GKTM2865SR4GKingston Technology New KTM2865SR4G 4GB KIT 2X2GB FOR IBM ESERVER Memory XSERIES 236 336 346 SINGLE RAN
KTM2865SR/4GKTM2865SR4GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM2865SR4G 4GB KIT 2X2GB FOR IBM ESERVER Memory XSERIES 236 336 346 SINGLE RAN
KTM300GL/32KTM300GL32Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM300GL32 Memory 32MB DIMM SD N
KTM3113/1024KTM31131024Kingston Technology New KTM31131024
KTM3113/512KTM3113512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM3113512 512MB 168-Pin ECC DIMM
KTM3123/1024KTM31231024Kingston Technology New KTM31231024 168-Pin SDRAM-1GB-PC133-ECC Registered
KTM3123/128KTM3123128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM3123128 128MB PC133 RAM
KTM3211/1GKTM32111GKingston Technology Refurbished 1GB 533MHZ MODULE THINKCENTRE Memory A51P 8420/8422/8423/8427-XXX
KTM3211/2GKTM32112GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM32112G MEMORY - MEMORY - 2GB - DIMM 240-PIN - DDR II - 533 MH
KTM3211/512KTM3211512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM3211512 512MB 533MHZ MODULE THINKCENTREMEM A51P 8420/8422/8423/8427-XXX
KTM3281/4GKTM32814GKingston Technology New KTM32814G 4GB 2 x 2GB - 200MHz DDR200/PC1600 - ECC - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184-pin
KTM3304/512KTM3304512Kingston Technology Refurbished 512MB Kingston PC2100 DDR266 184Pin KTM3304/512 FRU: 4099489 FRU
KTM3320/1024KTM33201024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM33201024 1gb kit 512x2 ECC Registered Memory Equivalent 39p8107
KTM4982/1GKTM49821GKingston Technology New 1GB 667MHZ NON-ECC 240PIN Memory MOD
KTM4982/2GKTM49822GKingston Technology New 2GB 667MHZ MODULE 30R5127 Memory 73P4985 IBM
KTM5037/2GKTM50372GKingston Technology Refurbished 2GB 2x1GB DDR PC2100 266MHz 184pin ECC Registered Kingston KTM
KTM5780/16GKTM578016GKingston Technology New KINGSTON 16GB 2X8GB FULLY BUFFERED DDR2 PC2-5300 FB MEMORY KIT
KTM5780/2GKTM57802GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM57802G - 2GB KIT 667MHZ 240-Pin IBM 3500/3560/3550
KTM5780/4GKTM57804GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM57804G 4GB KIT=2GBX2 DDR-2 FBD Fully Buffered DIMM/667
KTM5780/8GKTM57808GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM57808G MEMORY - 8GB KIT CHIPKILL FOR IBM: BLADECENTER HS21/
KTM5780LP/8GKTM5780LP8GKingston Technology Refurbished 8GB 2x4GB DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz 240pin ECC FB-DIMM CL5 Kingston
KTM6473/128KTM6473128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM6473128 128MB Module For IBM PC Server 325
KTM6473/256KTM6473256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM6473256 256MB Memory EDO RAM Module
KTM7263/512KTM7263512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM7263512 512MB 100MHz RAM
KTM7318/32KTM731832Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM731832 32MB KIT 2 X 16MB MODULES IBM PC 700 Memory EDO SERIES 730 750
KTM7318/64KTM731864Kingston Technology New KTM731864 64MB KIT IBM PC 700 Memory EDO SERIES 730 750
KTM7318/64KTM731864Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM731864 64MB KIT IBM PC 700 Memory EDO SERIES 730 750
KTM-760ELD/32KTM760ELD32Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM760ELD32 Memory Module 32MB EDO RAM
KTM760X/64KTM760X64Kingston Technology New KTM760X64 64MB Memory EDO SO NP DIMM IBM Eqiv. 76H0268
KTM8044-1024KTM80441024Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM80441024 1GB Kit 4 x 256MB mw
KTM8854/1GKTM88541GKingston Technology Refurbished KTM88541G KTM8854/1G 1GB Non-ECC DDR333/Memory PC2700 RAM Mo_
KTM8854/512KTM8854512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTM8854512 512MB PC2700 333MHZ DIMM IBM Memory PART # 31P8856 31P9122 FRU 41P
KTM-8MX64SKTM8MX64SKingston Technology Refurbished KTM8MX64S Notebook Laptop MEMORY KINGSTON-USA KTH-0B7100/64-CE 2027-005.A00 KTM-8
KTM-F80/1024KTMF801024Kingston Technology New 2AMA 512MBx2 200p PC100 36c 32x4 ECC DIMM 4131 4100
KTM-F80-1024KTMF801024Kingston Technology New KTMF801024 2AMA 1GB 2 Pieces 512MB 200p PC100 Memory 36c 32x4 ECC DIMM 4131 4100
KTMM50/1GKTMM501GKingston Technology Refurbished KTMM501G 1GB DIMM Memory DDR PC3200 400MHz
KTM-M50/512KTMM50512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMM50512 512MB PC3200 400MHZ DIMM IBM Memory PART # 73P2684 73P2686 FRU 33R
KTM-M600/256KTMM600256Kingston Technology New KTMM600256 256MB PC600 600MHZ ECC 184-Pin RAMBUS RDRAM MEMORY
KTM-M800/256KTMM800256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMM800256 256MB RAMBUS Module
KTM-OPT/16KTMOPT16Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMOPT16 72-Pin SIMM 60NS
KTM-SX313/8GKTMSX3138GKingston Technology Refurbished KTMSX3138G 8GB 1333MHZ Registered Memory ECC MODULE
KTM-SX313L/8GKTMSX313L8GKingston Technology New KTMSX313L8G 8GB ECC 1333MHZ FOR IBM SERVER
KTM-SX313LS/8GKTMSX313LS8GKingston Technology New KTMSX313LS8G KINGSTON 8GB DDR3-1333 VLP 1Rx4 RDIMM
KTM-SX316E/8GKTMSX316E8GKingston Technology New KTMSX316E8G KINGSTON 8GB DDR3-1600E11 ECC UBDIMM
KTM-SX316LV/16GKTMSX316LV16GKingston Technology 16GB 1600MHZ ECC Regulator Memory LOW VOLTAGE MODULE
KTM-SX316LV/8GKTMSX316LV8GKingston Technology 8GB 1600MHZ ECC Regulator Memory LOW VOLTAGE MODULE
KTM-TP133/256KTMTP133256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP133256 256MB Module For IBM Mfr P/N 19K4654; 19K4655
KTMTP360/16KTMTP36016Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP36016 16MB 70NS 5V NON PARITY IC DRAM MEMORY CREDIT CARD
KTM-TP360/4KTMTP3604Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP3604 4MB PCMCIA
KTM-TP370/32KTMTP37032Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP37032 KTM-TP370/32 32MB CREDIT CARD MEMORY
KTM-TP770/32KTMTP77032Kingston Technology New KTMTP77032 32MB SO DIMM for TP 770
KTM-TP770/32KTMTP77032Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP77032 32MB SO DIMM for TP 770
KTM-TP770/64KTMTP77064Kingston Technology Refurbished KTMTP77064 64MB DIMM FOR Thinkpad 770
KTM-TP9828/1GKTMTP98281GKingston Technology New KTMTP98281G 1GB IBM THINK PAD SODIMM 333MHZ/
KTM-X305/1GKTMX3051GKingston Technology Refurbished KTMX3051G MEMORY - 1GB MODULE FOR IBM: ESERVER XSERIES 305 8673
KTN-1400/4KTN14004Kingston Technology Refurbished KTN14004 KTN-1400/4 4MB MEMORY
KTN1400/8KTN14008Kingston Technology Refurbished KTN14008 KTN1400/8 8MB 72-Pin SIMM
KTN-PM667/1GKTNPM6671GKingston Technology New KTNPM6671G 1GB 1 x 1GB - 667MHz Non-ECC - DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 240-pin
KTN-R486/4KTNR4864Kingston Technology Refurbished KTNR4864 KTN-R486/4 4MB SIMM
KTN-SN-16KTNSN16Kingston Technology Refurbished KTNSN16 16MB SODIMM 72-Pin KTN-SN-16
KTN-VS/16KTNVS16Kingston Technology Refurbished KTNVS16 KTN-VS/16 16MB MODULE
SDCA10/64GBSDCA1064GBKingston Technology New 64GB MICROSDXC CL10 UHS-I 90R/45W
KTS5287K2/2GKTS5287K22GKingston Technology New KTS5287K22G MEMORY - 2GB KIT FOR SUN: FIRE X2200 M2 SERVER ULTRA
KTS7001/256KTS7001256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTS7001256 256MB ram Kit 2x128MB
KTS7001/512KTS7001512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTS7001512 512MB Memory Kit 2x256
KTS7030/128KTS7030128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTS7030128 128MB Memory Kit Kit of 2
KTS7038/256KTS7038256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTS7038256 2AJT 256MB 2 Pieces 128MB 168-Pin 50ns 18c 16x4 8K Buffered ECC Memory EDO DIMM
KTS7038/512KTS7038512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTS7038512 168-Pin EDO-256MB-ECC Buffered
KTS7050/2048KTS70502048Kingston Technology New KTS70504096 4gb kit 4x1gb memory
kts7602/4gkts76024gKingston Technology Refurbished KTS76024G 4GB 2 x 2GB - 266MHz DDR266/PC2100 - DDR SDRAM Memory - 184-pin
KTS7800/1GKTS78001GKingston Technology Refurbished KTS78001G 1GB 2 x 512MB - 533MHz DDR2-533/PC2-4200 - Parity - DDR2 SDRAM Memory
KTS9251/8GKTS92518GKingston Technology New KTS92518G 184-Pin DDR-4GB-PC2700 ECC Registered
KTS-SESK2/16GKTSSESK216GKingston Technology New KTSSESK216G DDR2 SDRAM Memory - 16GB - DIMM 240-PIN - 333Mhz - ECC
KTT3311/512KTT3311512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTT3311512 512MB DDR PC2700 333MHZ SODIMM Memory FOR TOSHIBA NOTEBOOKS
KTT-4400SX/4KTT4400SX4Kingston Technology Refurbished KTT4400SX4 KTT-4400SX/4 4MB CREDIT CARD MEMORY T4400/T6400/T6600
KTT-4600/16KTT460016Kingston Technology New KTT460016 KINGSTON KTT-4600/16 16MB CREDIT CARD MEMORY 3.3V OPEN BOX
KTT533D2/512KTT533D2512Kingston Technology Refurbished KTT533D2512 512MB DDR2 SODIMM FOR TECRA M3 Memory M3-S31 M3-S331
KTT533M4/1GKTT533M41GKingston Technology Refurbished KTT533M41G 1GB DDR2 SODIMM TOSHIBA TECRA SERIES
KTT667D2/1GKTT667D21GKingston Technology New KTT667D21G KINGSTON MEMORY - MEMORY - 1GB - SO DIMM 200-PIN - DDR II - 667
KTT667D2/2GKTT667D22GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2 SODIMM . Memory
KTT8000/128KTT8000128Kingston Technology New KTT8000128 128MB Module for Toshiba Tecra 8000 Portege 7000CT
KTT800D2/2GKTT800D22GKingston Technology New 2GB DDR2 800MHz SODIMM-Toshiba (KTT800D22G)
KTT-SO100/128KTTSO100128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTTSO100128 128MB SDRAM Memory SODIMM 144-Pin FOR TOSHIBA
KTT-SO815/256KTTSO815256Kingston Technology Refurbished KTTSO815256 256MB SODIMM PC133 144-Pin CL3
KTV-APW/128KTVAPW128Kingston Technology New KTVAPW128 128MB Kit For Digital Personal Workstation Model 600A AU
KTV-PXL6000/128KTVPXL6000128Kingston Technology Refurbished KTVPXL6000128 128MB Module For Digital Prioris XL 6200 XlE 6180
KTW149-ELDKTW149ELDKingston Technology Refurbished KTW149ELD 1GB 1Rx8 PC3-10600U NON ECC 1333Mhz 240pins MEMORY
KVR100X64C2/128KVR100X64C2128Kingston Technology Refurbished 128MB PC-100 100MHz NON-ECC CL2 168-PIN
KVR100X64C2/256KVR100X64C2256Kingston Technology New KVR100X64C2256 OEM. Package includes 1 stick of 256MB DOUBLE-SIDED Desktop
KVR100X64SC2128Kingston Technology Refurbished KVR100X64SC2128 128MB 1 x 128MB - 100MHz PC100 - Non-ECC - SDRAM Memory - 144-pin
KVR100X64SC3128Kingston Technology Refurbished KVR100X64SC3128 128MB X 1 / SDRAM Memory / 100Mhz /SO DIMM 144-PIN
KVR100X72RC2-512KVR100X72RC2512Kingston Technology Refurbished KVR100X72RC2512 ValueRAM 512MB PC100 ECC KVR100X72RC2-512
KVR1066D3S7/4GKVR1066D3S74GKingston Technology Refurbished Kingston KVR1066D3S7/4G DDR3-1066 SODIMM 4GB CL7 Notebook Laptop Memory
KVR1333D3D4R9S/8GKVR1333D3D4R9S8GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3D4R9S8G 8GB 1333MHZ DDR3 Memory ECC Registered W/PARITY CL9
KVR1333D3D8R9S/2GKVR1333D3D8R9S2GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3D8R9S/2G 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 ECC Registered Server Memory
KVR1333D3D8R9S/4GKVR1333D3D8R9S4GKingston Technology New KVR1333D3D8R9S4G Memory KVR1333D3D8R9S/4G DDR3 1333 ECC Registered Retai
KVR1333D3D8R9S/4GKVR1333D3D8R9S4GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3D8R9S4G Memory KVR1333D3D8R9S/4G DDR3 1333 ECC Registered Retai
KVR1333D3D8R9SK3/6GKVR1333D3D8R9SK36GKingston Technology Refurbished 6GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory ECC Registered (1333D3D8R9SK36G)
KVR1333D3E9S/8GKVR1333D3E9S8GKingston Technology 8GB 1333MHZ DDR3 Memory ECC CL9 DIMM
KVR1333D3E9SK2/16GKVR1333D3E9SK216GKingston Technology New Kingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G Kit of 2 2x8GB DDR3 1333MHz DIMM Ser
KVR1333D3E9SK3/24GKVR1333D3E9SK324GKingston Technology 24GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory ECC Kit of 3 (1333D3E9SK324G)
KVR1333D3N9/1GKVR1333D3N91GKingston Technology New KVR1333D3N91G 1G DDR3 Memory 1333MHZ CL9 KVR1333D3N9 1G
KVR1333D3N9/2GKVR1333D3N92GKingston Technology New KVR1333D3N92G MEMORY KVR1333D3N9 2G 2GB DDR3 SDRAM DIMM 1333MHZ N ECC
KVR1333D3N9/2GKVR1333D3N92GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3N92G MEMORY KVR1333D3N9 2G 2GB DDR3 SDRAM DIMM 1333MHZ N ECC
KVR1333D3N9/8GKVR1333D3N98GKingston Technology 8GB Unbuffered DDR3 Memory 1333MHZ FOR Memory ASROCK ASUS GIGABYTE ZOTAC BIOSTAR
KVR1333D3N9H/8GKVR1333D3N9H8GKingston Technology 8GB Unbuffered DDR3 Memory 1333MHZ FOR Memory INTEL CL9 1.5-Volt GOLD Standard HEIGHT 30MM
KVR1333D3N9K2/4GKVR1333D3N9K24GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3N9K24G 4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 Memory Non-ECC CL9 DIMM KIT2
KVR1333D3N9K4/32GKVR1333D3N9K432GKingston Technology New KVR1333D3N9K432G 32GB 4 x 8GB - DDR3 SDRAM - 1333 MHz DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 - N
KVR1333D3S8R9S/1GKVR1333D3S8R9S1GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3S8R9S1G 1GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory ECC Registered
KVR1333D3S9/4GKVR1333D3S94GKingston Technology Refurbished KVR1333D3S94G KINGSTON 4GB DDR3 1333MHZ CL9 NON-ECC SO-DIMM CLEI 2012
KVR1333D3S9/8GKVR1333D3S98GKingston Technology 8GB Unbuffered DDR3 Memory 1333MHZ FOR Memory ASUS DFI INTEL SUPERMICRO ZOTAC
KVR133X64C3/128KVR133X64C3128Kingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 128MB PC133 133MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 168-Pin DIMM
KVR133X64C3/256KVR133X64C3256Kingston Technology Refurbished Kingston 256MB PC133 133MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 168-Pin DIMM
KVR133X64C3/512KVR133X64C3512Kingston Technology Refurbished KVR133X64C3512 512MB PC133 133MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL3 168-Pin DIMM Memory Mo
KVR133X64C3-256KVR133X64C3256Kingston Technology Refurbished MEMORY 256MB PC133 SDRAM VALUERAM KVR133X64C3/256 9905121-007
KVR133X72RC3/512KVR133X72RC3512Kingston Technology New KVR133X72RC3512 VALUERAM MEMORY - MEMORY - 512MB - DIMM 168-PIN - SDRAM
KVR133X72RC3/512KVR133X72RC3512Kingston Technology Refurbished KVR133X72RC3512 VALUERAM MEMORY - MEMORY - 512MB - DIMM 168-PIN - SDRAM
KVR13E9L/8KVR13E9L8Kingston Technology New Kingston ValueRAM KVR13E9L/8 DDR3-1333 8GB/1Gx72 ECC CL9 Very Low Profile Server Memory
KVR13LR9D4/16KVR13LR9D416Kingston Technology New KVR13LR9D416 16GB 1333MHZ DDR3L ECC REG CL9 DIMM DR X4 1.35V
KVR13LR9D4K3/48KVR13LR9D4K348Kingston Technology New KVR13LR9D4K348 48GB 1333MHz DDR3L ECC Reg CL9 DIMM Kit of 3 DR x4 1.35V w/TS
KVR13LR9Q8/16KVR13LR9Q816Kingston Technology 16GB ECC QR X8 Registered Memory 1333MHZ DDR3L DIMM CL9 W/TS FOR ASUS INTEL
KVR13LR9S4/8KVR13LR9S48Kingston Technology 8GB 1333MHZ DDR3L ECC Registered Memory CL9 DIMM SR X4 1.35V WTS
KVR13LR9S4L/8KVR13LR9S4L8Kingston Technology New KVR13LR9S4L8 KINGSTON 8G D3L-1333R9V 1x4 ECC RDIMM
KVR13LSE9/8KVR13LSE98Kingston Technology New Kingston ValueRAM KVR13LSE9/8 DDR3L-1333 8GB/1Gx72 CL9 ECC SODIMM 1.35V Server Memory
KVR13N9K2/16KVR13N9K216Kingston Technology New Kingston ValueRAM KVR13N9K2/16 DDR3-1333 16GB(2x8GB)/1Gx64 CL9 Memory Kit

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